Impact Insider – “Majestic Key” Edition (Aug.26)


After a long few days of WWE television, I couldn’t have been more happy to watch this episode of Impact. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the strongest show, and that caught me off guard.

Battle Royal 

I thought the battle royal was a great way to open the show. Personally, I found it to be exciting, and I knew it would set the tone for the rest of the show. Along with that, there was a good mix of wrestlers from all over the card involved. I’m just surprised they didn’t have the entrances done with before the show started.

Match wise, the actual battle royal wasn’t anything special. Usually it’s difficult for these kinds of matches to maintain a consistent pace that one would find entertaining. For the most part, we were given a ton of rest spots, right until the very end. The most intriguing part about this was the tease of tension between Moose and Bennett. The backstage segment was a solid addition to how the match ended, and it only makes the main event for next week more interesting.

Broken Matt Hardy Promo

Now that Jeff has become fully “broken”, this feud between them and the Decay is perfect. The current tag champs did a swell job at matching the intensity of Matt Hardy, which isn’t easy. Along with that, the entire heels vs heels aspect is working well in this feud. This isn’t something that we often see, so both teams deserve credit for making it work.

Brother Nero vs Abyss

With Jeff being the only babyface in the feud, he did an excellent job at reminding the audience of that and with him being insistent on taking out both members of the Decay only made him more likeable. At one point, the “delete” chant was getting over with the crowd, but I applaud Matt for staying awake from the action, as it gave the fans a reason to dislike him. Even when he decided to bite the ear of Crazy Steve, it didn’t help Jeff, but kept him looking like a strong heel. Also, him ridiculing Brother Nero was a great touch to the finish.

Sienna vs Marti Bell vs Madison Rayne vs Allie vs Jade

The basis of the match made absolutely no sense. Why would any of these other women receive a title shot, but not Gail Kim? There wasn’t any logic in that decision. The in ring action was also clustered and messy.

I’d like to know what exactly inspired them to go with the finish they went with. Does it add anything to the knockouts division? Not at all! This was done for the sake of swerving the fans at home.

EC3/Drew Galloway Video Package

At first glimpse, this seemed rather campy and unnecessary, however, these two made it work. At the end of the day, their rivalry was heated, yet their rapport with one another has been somewhat civil. One also has to wonder how much of that Jack Daniel’s bottle they drank, because towards the end of video package, it was half empty.

Eli Drake Promo

Drake himself isn’t even competing for the X-Division title, however his segment here was great for recreating credibility for that belt. The post promo brawl put all the attention back on the title, and it was truly needed.

Drew Galloway vs Ec3

Most of this show was used to build next week’s episode of Impact, and this was the only match that felt important. After week’s of tension, this seemed like the perfect time for a blow off match between these two. Also, both men have been booked as equals, so their back and forth was rather strong.

The highlight of this contest occurred early on, and it was the celtic cross from Galloway. I’m sure I couldn’t be the only person that didn’t think he’d go through with it. It looked pretty brutal, and it made me cringe (in a good way). Oddly enough, that was the most ambitious spot of the match, as the rest was much more tame.

I didn’t understand the logic behind the finish. In my opinion, it felt anticlimactic for a program that’s been going on for weeks. The only thing worth taking away from this was Drew attacking Rex after the match was over.


Like I mentioned earlier in this post, this particular show was strictly meant to build next week’s episode. To an extent they accomplished that, however there were times that it felt slow. Impact has been on a great run lately, but like every promotion, they were bound to deliver a lackluster show sooner or later. The low point of the episode was the knockouts match, while the high point was Brother Nero vs Abyss. Overall, I give this show a 5.5/1o,

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