On to the NXT One – Back to Brooklyn Edition (Aug.24)


If you didn’t watch Takeover, I thought this episode worked well as a highlight reel. The post Takeover show is always a throwaway. They’re taped before Takeover, meaning there’s no real follow up to the PPV.

Tye Dillinger vs Wesley Blake

The neat part about NXT is that sometimes we’ll get a long break from many of the mid card workers, and it feels exciting when they return to television. Well, this is how I felt when Dillinger’s music hit. It was also pretty easy to cheer for him, as I don’t think anybody cared to see Blake. Ever since Blake left his tag team, he doesn’t have any character to him (not like he had much before). However, I must give him credit, because his unwanted presence did help Dillinger get over even more with the crowd.

The actual match wasn’t anything special, but it was a good way to get the crowd hyped up, as Takeover would go live after this taping.

TM61 vs Authors of Pain 

Considering how green the Authors of Pain are, it only made sense that most of this match consisted of brawling, strong selling, and rest spots. They’re lucky to have received a chance against TM61, a team that can easily carry a tag match. Due to the veteran status of Miller and Thorn, I thought the two did a brilliant job at making the Authors look strong. Also, in the process of making the rookie team look good, TM61 came across as credible opponents.

After the match was over, us fans can only wonder where TM61 goes from here. They’ve picked up one win, and a pair of losses. Hopefully their momentum can be turned around sooner than later, as they have potential to make some noise in NXT.


I don’t know what I expected going into this show, but I can’t blame the WWE for making this a highlight episode for Takeover. It was great to see some of the post match interviews from last Saturday, and in a way that was a slight follow up. There wasn’t really a low point, but I’d consider the main event to be the high point. Overall, I give this show a 5/10.

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