CWC WeeK 7 (Aug.25)


The participants of the CWC continue to impress, as there hasn’t really been a bad show. This show along with many others, was extremely consistent, and every match delivered.

Lince Dorado vs Rich Swann

I had to watch Rich Swann’s entrance with my parents, so you could imagine how difficult it was to explain the appeal behind of his character. It was funny though, because Rich made sure he was as eccentric as possible.

Lince’s in ring personality is far different from Swann’s, but it was amazing to see them play off one another. I hope everybody was able to laugh from Dorado dancing, because it was light hearted moment for a fast paced match. While they had that aspect perfected, I found the two also had great chemistry and timing. When Swann had botched his frankensteiner, his opponent knew exactly how to follow that up. That spot was worked so seamlessly, that even I wondered if it was a botch to begin with.

The highlight of this contest was undoubtedly the double scissor kick. It was timed perfectly, and looked painful for both competitors. Overall, these two put on a strong match, and they easily set the bar high for the rest of the show.

Zack Sabre Jr vs Drew Gulak

Did anybody else completely forget about Drew Gulak? Before they showed his highlights from the first round, I forgot who he even wrestled. Maybe his face and personality aren’t that memorable.

In terms of placement, I thought this match should have opened the show. The technical style that was showcased here was extremely different than what happened in the previous match. Regardless of that, these two did great job at making their technical style fast paced. There weren’t many rest spots, and the transition between moves were quick. Sabre was solid in the first round, however I thought he did a better job at showcasing his overall skill in this contest. Fans that haven’t seen him before finally got a look at his speed, selling, and strength.

Ever since the tournament began, I knew there had to be at least one match that ended with a unique pin (no finisher involved), and it was perfectly done here. It was a logical finish, as Sabre’s a technical genius, and thus knows how to pull out pins like the one he did.

TJ Perkins vs Johnny Gargano

I continue to talk about the well deserved hype around Gargano, and it can’t stop this week. After the great performance he put forth at Takeover: Brooklyn, how could anybody not cheer for him? He’s done a great job at creating his own story, and that’s something that can’t be overlooked. It actually didn’t benefit Perkins whatsoever. At this point, Gargano has had so much more going on, that TJ felt like an afterthought heading into this match.

In terms of the match, the first half moved a little slower than I thought it would. The two took some extra time to feel out the pace, and it finally picked up once they exchanged some high impact kicks. It was after that moment where TJ reminded the fans of how explosive his move set can be. The last few minutes were extremely intense, and they found a way to make this worthy of being the last match on this show. Perkins’ knee bar was unquestionably the spot of the show, because I’m sure every fan was on the edge of their seat waiting to see if Johnny would tap.

With Gargano being in the mix of the NXT tag division, it was only smart for TJ to go over. Along with that, at least we know the winner won’t be someone that’s already familiar with any other form of WWE television.


I can’t be the only one that was happy about this episode being over. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great show, but it actually marked the finish of 13+ hours of WWE programming.

Now that we’re entering the third round, the matches will only become more intense. Based on which participants have chosen to sign a WWE contract, the outcomes should be interesting. I don’t believe there was a low point to the show, but the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this episode an 8.8/10.


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