Summerslam – Preview and Predictions

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com
There is an abundance of matches at this year’s Summerslam. I still went through all of them, but it wasn’t easy. However, it should be a great show, and definitely the highlight of the weekend for all wrestling fans.

Carmella, Becky Lynch, & Naomi vs Natalya & Alexa Bliss (Nikki Bella?)

After Eva was suspended earlier this week, this match looks strange. Usually the babyfaces are the ones that are outnumbered, and hardly ever is it the other way around. For those of you that don’t know, the WWE has cleared Nikki Bella for in ring competition, and I’m predicting she comes out and levels out the playing field. With that being said, the heels looked pretty bad in their loss this past Tuesday, so I expect them to pick up the victory here.

Winner: Natalya, Alexa, and maybe Nikki Bella

The Miz vs Apollo Crews (Intercontinental Championship)

Ever since Apollo became the number one contender for the Miz’s IC title, there’s been little to no build. While Apollo was on Smackdown these two weeks, I can’t even remember what he did. The Miz on the other hand has been too busy with Miz TV segments, but he gives that title character. At this point, the WWE would be stupid to switch the title in this match, because Apollo isn’t ready, and the Miz is currently one of the bright spots of WWE television.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs Jeri-KO

What I initially considered to be a throwaway feud, has clearly turned into one of the more entertaining programs. There’s nothing on the line here, but the two teams have done well to build tension between each other. Along with that, they’re one of the funniest parts about. This was one feud where Enzo didn’t solely carry the mic work. This is one match where I don’t think it matters who wins or loses, the two teams will just out there to entertain. Considering this is in the hometown of the babyface team, expect Enzo & Cass to pick up the win.

Winner: Enzo Amore & Big Cass

The New Day vs The Club (Tag Team Championships)

The New Day has held the tag titles for a year, and their run has been pretty entertaining. As heels, they were loved so much, that they had to become babyfaces. Since they won, it doesn’t appear they’ve had a worthy contender, until now. While the feud may be over testicles, the Club has had flashes of brilliance, and have managed to showcase their dominance. Gallows & Anderson can be funny, but they know when to take matters seriously. There’s been a lot of hype behind them, and it would be a shame if nothing came from it.

I’m expecting this to be an all out war, however, the Club should emerge as the new tag team champions. They should win clean, however something tells me they won’t.

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte (Women’s Championship)

I used to be a huge fan of Sasha Banks in her NXT days, and even during her initial call up to the main roster. Ever since she’s entered the title picture with Charlotte, much of that confidence and attitude has disappeared. Something about her just doesn’t seem the same. It could be that she’s more fitted for a heel role. However, she still receives great reactions from the crowd, and will probably receive a louder than normal ovation in Brooklyn because of her match at Takeover last year.

Ever since Charlotte won the women’s championship at Mania, she’s been nothing but perfect in my eyes. She knows how to attract heat from the crowd, and that’s not easy in today’s age. Based on how the two are currently trending, it might be worth switching the title in this match. Either way, this match won’t have a clean finish, because the feud needs to go on for one more PPV.

Winner: Charlotte

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

Why should anybody care for this match as of right now? They gave it away on television for free, and that outcome gives fans a good idea as to how this match will end. For the sake of the fans, I hope these two work an intense match that’ll have them second guessing what might happen.

Rusev has been a solid US champion, and I don’t see why that should end any time soon. Also Roman isn’t in dire need for a title. If anything, he needs to lose this match to channel in his inner heel, which is something the fans are dying to see.

Winner: Rusev

John Cena vs AJ Styles

This was only announced two weeks ago, yet the two have done a brilliant job with the build up.

John Cena somewhat got his win back when he teamed with Enzo and Case to beat the Club. His chances aren’t looking as good on this show. Within the past eight years, Cena has a 1-7 record at Summerslam. The WWE is clearly doesn’t shy away from having him lose at their second largest event. Also, he can afford one more loss.

I get this feeling that there’s something big in store for Styles after this match. Event after event, he’s continuously pushed the limit, and has easily been the WWE’s top worker of 2016

Winner: AJ Styles

Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose

Out of the title feuds, this has easily been the best in terms of build up. Many fans were shocked when Ziggler won a month ago to become the number one contender. Along with that, it was believed that they couldn’t make a legitimate story with Dolph, because of how low his status was on the card. Well, Ziggler proved all of his critics wrong. He’s brought a type of intensity that I’ve never seen from him.

As fans, we shouldn’t forget that the WWE has positioned Dean Ambrose as their top guy. He pinned both Rollins and Reigns clean within the same week. Since then, they’ve done a good job at showcasing why he’s on top. In this feud with Ziggler, he’s dropped all comedic aspects of his character, and has begun taking his opponent seriously. In the long run, it only makes sense to keep this going. That type of character would go well with many of the other top guys on the Smackdown roster.

I believe this match will cause me and others the most stress, as I can see them utilizing the near falls better than anybody else.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Build wise, this has been far from strong. I’ll forgive it though, because I believe the WWE is still figuring out how to work with Finn. Once they get solid grasp of his character, his feuds will move more smoothly.

The company has invested quite a bit in Seth Rollins, and that’s because they know how good he is. Honestly, I’m shocked he hasn’t gotten his hands on the title. In typical Rollins fashion, I’m guessing he’ll figure out a way to cheat and capture the title. 

Winner: Seth Rollins

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

I’ve heard over Reddit that Orton himself has confirmed this match will go on last. It needs to go on last, because this contest just has a special aura to it. Also, it has been 12 years in the making, so maybe that’s what makes it feel special. 

To be honest, I’m expecting these two to steal the show. Ever since Brock has returned to the WWE, people have been asking for this match, probably more than anything else. Randy himself hardly fails at delivering in the main event. He knows exactly what to do to keep the crowd on edge. Based on how he’s been booked, I want to see him bring the fight to Lesnar. It’ll only feel natural if the two go back and forth. However, Randy doesn’t need the win over Lesnar. The Beast has been booked too well to lose right now, and I believe it’s smart to keep him going on this run. 

I’ve been reading a lot of speculation from fans, and many believe Goldberg will interfere in this match. In no way do I believe that’s a smart way to conclude this feud. I don’t even think he should appear after the match, as I don’t care to see him involved in anything wrestling related. It would actually make more sense for Bray Wyatt to cost Orton the match, simply based on the short interaction they had on Smackdown. I honestly hope there’s no swerves, but chances are the WWE will want to do one. 

Winner: Brock Lesnar

3 thoughts on “Summerslam – Preview and Predictions

  1. Published mine when I saw your post before reading it. Some minor discrepancies but I noticed we saw the same lack of build up to most matches.

    That will take away a lot from the PPV.

    I don’t see this being anywhere above 7 overall score. The main events won’t be enough to carry the weight of all the fillers.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I don’t feel the same. AJ and Cena where amazing. Diva’s title as well besides the botched moves. The rest have been average at best.


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