Impact Insider – “Smash your pumpkin” Edition (Aug.19)


In terms of creating must watch television, I believe TNA is doing a great job of that. I missed one week, and after watching this show it felt as if I had missed three.

Opening Segment

After the way James Storm lost his match last week, I’m sure many fans were dying to hear what he had to say about the officiating. The intensity behind his promo was magnificent, and I’m sure he had every fan in the building drawn in. Along with that, the metaphor he used with the tool box and hammer was quite clever.

Originally I wasn’t sold on James Storm winning the King of the Mountain title and challenging Lashley, but his promo made me want to see a rematch. This was a brilliant way to start the show, because it had me hooked immediately.

Eddie Edwards vs Moose

Initially I was confused as to why Moose came out to Bennett’s theme song. Once Josh Matthews mentioned it, I thought it was a nice touch to the whole “Bennett controlling Moose” story.

Edwards was actually a great fit with Moose. Considering their size advantage, Moose’s offence looked stronger and so did Eddie’s ability to sell. My only gripe with this match was how Bennett needed to distract the ref when Moose was down and out. Moose is supposed to be built as a beast, and he shouldn’t need cheap heel tactics to win matches this early in his TNA run.

Gail Kim vs Jade

This wasn’t the best women’s match I’ve ever seen, although I appreciated the fast pace. Kim is the focal point of the Knockout’s division, but that didn’t stop them from making Jade look like a threat. In her early dominance over Gail, she looked to be just as credible.

The finish to this match didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Gail won via DQ, so shouldn’t she be eligible for a shot at the Knockouts title?

DJ Z vs Rockstar Spud vs Mandrews vs Braxton Sutter

One thing I absolutely love about Impact is how every match on every show (at least since I’ve been watching) has meant something. Some of them may be good, some of them may be bad, yet none of them have attacked as filler. With that being said, I was happy they added a number one contender stipulation to this match. If they didn’t it would still be a good match, but I just wouldn’t care about who wins.

DJ Z picking up the win was a wise booking decision. Based on Lashley’s big decision though, his run for the title might be up in the air. Next week may be a good time for him to cut a solid character building promo.

EC3 Promo

In hindsight, was it really a smart decision to have Galloway lose in the BFG semi-finals? He was in the middle of a heated with Carter, so they should have met in the finals. Kayfabe wise, Drew just didn’t have a strong enough claim. However, I do understand they need to extend these programs since they don’t have PPVs as often as other promotions.

I’m under the assumption that Aaron Rex will feud with the loser of Carter vs Galloway, which is a great way to get him involved in a feud.

Broken Matt Hardy/Brother Nero Promo

Now that Jeff has embraced his deleted self, I find these promos to be much more bizarre, but they’re entertaining nonetheless. It’s a smooth way to keep Broken Matty Hardy as a fresh act on Impact.

Eli Drake vs Mahabali Shera

Even though Drake’s lost the title, he hasn’t lost his presence on the show. Now more than ever, I’m curious to see how he climbs his way back towards the top. His chase could possibly be more fun than his reign.

It was obvious this match wasn’t going to go long, simply because Eli didn’t even remove his tank top. I also believe this wasn’t a necessary contest, however a win for Drake keeps him strong heading forward.

Lashley Promo

Lashley’s backstage skits throughout the show were great. They were simple, and his constant talk about his big announcement only made his promo feel like a bigger deal. Bravo, Lashley, because I was looking more forward to this than the main event.

After all that hype, the announcement fell flat pretty quickly. Kayfabe wise, the ability to unify two or more titles is the decision that can’t exactly be made by the champ himself. In this case, it made Lashley look like a complete idiot. Where did his character think this was going to go?

His plan was unsuccessful, and now he’s back to one title only. What was even the point of having him win the other two if he would just vacate them?

The Hardys vs Bromans vs The Tribunal vs Trevor Lee & Andrew Everett

Jeff’s entrance before the match was strange to say the least, but it completely worked for him. He sold the broken Brother Nero character perfectly.

In ring wise, the action was superb, as many of the competitors involved are extremely talented. With that being said, at times I found it difficult to pay attention to the other teams, because the Hardys were just too strong of an act. They simply overshadowed everybody else. If you ask me, the two Hardys were easily the highlight. They even had the spot of the match, which was Matt biting everybody in the ring. Along with, Matt made my night by wrestling in his coat.

With the Hardys being the hottest act in the company, it only made sense that they closed the show. Their victory was easily telegraphed, however that didn’t stop them from making the finish of the show less entertaining.



As it currently stands, I’m in full belief that TNA is the perfect alternative for anybody that wants to watch something other than WWE (in terms of weekly television). This would be my fourth time reviewing an episode of Impact, and I’m hooked. The low point of the show was Lashley’s announcement, while the high point was the opening segment. Overall, I give this episode of Impact a 7.5/10.

For any of those wondering, I do plan on covering Bound For Glory.

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      1. I don’t think that’s all. If not we would see more good matches and then fillers. But they had one good match and the rest fillers because they have too many matches and don’t give them enough time to perform.

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