On to the NXT One (Aug.10)


This wasn’t even the go home show for Takeover, yet the performers of Full Sail still knocked it out of the park. It’s great to see they didn’t let this become a filler episode.

Opening Segment

Up until last week, this program was a simple babyface vs babyface, but this promo allowed for it to be so much more. I’m glad that the two didn’t shake each others hands, because that created more tension between them. Along with that, I loved Bayley’s aggressive attitude, as it was something we haven’t seen from her character.

Asuka doesn’t usually get embarrassed, but seeing her walk away with her head down allowed for the audience to believe she could actually lose the title come next Saturday.

The Authors of Pain vs Rob Ryzin & Jason Nailz

There wasn’t much to this match, but I was impressed with the new finisher from the Authors of Pain. It was great to see TM61 come out and try to stop the beat down that was occurring in the ring. That gives both the Authors and TM61 a program for the near future. At the same time, it was smart for the Authors to be left standing tall, because nothing would come from them being taken down easily this soon.

Andrade Cien Almas vs Angelo Dawkins

I completely forgot about both Almas and Dawkins, but mainly Dawkins.

Moving into the future, I believe Almas should reconsider the fedora with suspenders. The more I see him, the more he begins to look like a male stripper. It might work if he were a heel, but definitely not as a babyface.

Before this contest had started I was going to write about how Cien needed a program, and I’m glad they addressed that at the very end of this match. I think Bobby Roode was the perfect pairing for Almas going into Brooklyn. Roode will be debuting, and Almas has yet to lose, so this like the perfect storm for a good PPV match.

Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay

Liv Morgan came across as Carmella-lite during her entrance. Hopefully she’ll find a way to differentiate herself from the Princess of Staten Island.

Within the past few weeks, it seems as if the bookers in NXT are ready to push the newer generation of women. Kay especially has been receiving much more attention. Compared to when she made her in ring debut, she comes across as much more comfortable. Also, she works quite well as a heel, and that entrance of her’s definitely adds to that. I’m glad she came out victorious, and I’m curious to see when her first program will start.

Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa vs Tucker Knight & Patrick Clark 

Ciampa & Gargano have been the most talked about tag team in pro wrestling over the past week. Everything from their match at the CWC to the “GLORIOUSBOMBs” have been receiving well deserved attention. It was only wise to have them on this show and get the easy win; the fans simply wanted to see them. I would have been fine if they closed the show.

Samoa Joe vs Mojo Rawley

After the interaction these two had last week, I was happy to see that this match was scheduled on this show.

Obviously Joe wasn’t going to get beat, but I began marking out for Mojo every time he was able to execute any kind of offence. It brought a smile to my face that he was actually able to put up a fight against the monster that is Samoa Joe.

The confrontation between Nakamura and Joe was a brilliant way to end the show. Watching the security guards hold back Joe was a nice touch, and it was even better that Shinsuke just stood their and taunted him (very fitting).


We still got one more show left until Takeover, so part of me was expecting this to be a filler show. Well, I was completely wrong, as this episode could have easily been the go home show for Takeover:Brooklyn. Every program was mentioned, and every wrestler that needed to be showcased was presented well. There was no low point, and the high point was the opening segment. Overall, I give this episode of NXT a 9/10.



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