The Smackdown Scoop – “Stupid Politician” Edition

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

This was actually an all round solid episode of Smackdown, but it was being weighed down by the lack of development in the main event.

Opening Segment

Even though Wyatt has consistently been on television since his return two months ago, I feel we haven’t seen many of his classic promos. This promo in particular was much better than his usual ones, because he got into specifics about his match last week.

I loved how Ziggler came out and immediately attacked Wyatt and Rowan. While it was stupid, it showed that his character wants to be taken seriously by Ambrose and everybody else. Ambrose not running right away, was a great touch to show how little he cares about Ziggler.

Side Note: What on earth was that annoying buzz that was echoing throughout the arena?

American Alpha vs Mike O’Shea & Mike Vega/Tag Division Brawl

Having the other tag teams watch this match at ringside reminded me how weak the division truly is. However, this was a step in the right direction, as it did put a spotlight on teams we may have forgotten about.

As of now, American Alpha is on top of the tag team division, so I’m curious to see who can also reach that status.

Maryse/Miz Backstage Interview

This backstage interview was simply hilarious. Being the obnoxious and self centred couple comes so easy to both of them.

Eva Marie vs Becky Lynch/Becky Lynch vs Alexa Bliss

I’m glad they didn’t use the injury angle again, and still found a reason to have Eva back out. This has been an excellent way to create heel heat for her.

I was a huge fan of Alexa Bliss during her heel run in NXT, so I was extremely excited to see her in action on this show. She also put a great touch on her finisher, by stepping on Becky before climbing the top rope.

I didn’t think we’d see her again on the show, but having Eva return do distract Becky was a smart way to further their program, and keep both competitors in the ring looking strong.

Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio

They did a good job by promoting this in the opening of the show, and it actually felt like the main event. Along with that, they’re doing an amazing job at making Orton one of the focal points of WWE programming. He’s not in the title picture, and Lesnar isn’t on TV every week, yet Randy still comes across as a main character.

As of late, the Smackdown commentary team hasn’t exactly been the best, but I enjoyed them in this match. While Orton was the main focus, both Ranallo and JBL did their best to speak of Del Rio’s credibility.

I was 100% fine with how this match ended, because it kept both men strong. All Orton needed from this encounter with Del Rio was one RKO, and he got that spot.

Heath Slater vs Rhyno

Going into this match, I thought Rhyo would win within seconds, so I was surprised that it last longer. Slater has been such great role player, and I was rooting for him to lose because I wanted to see where his free agent angle would go.

Carmella vs Natalya

If Carmella can cut her opening promo slightly shorter, I believe she’ll have an easier time getting over. She does have a certain type of charisma, but long promos will only hurt her character.

I’m glad Natty didn’t successfully ambush Carmella for the second week in a row, as that would make Carmella look like an idiot. While the match moved slow, it was great to see the Princess of Staten Island pick up her first main roster win. Also, expect Natty to pick up the win next week.

Dean Ambrose & Dolph Ziggler vs The Wyatt Family

This match was easily telegraphed from last week’s main event. I also felt like nothing much would come from it, so I had a tough time getting invested. In fact, the action only picked up once Bray and Ambrose fought outside of the ring. Oddly enough, the spot of the match definitely came from Eric Rowan, when he countered the superkick into a spinning heel kick. It was just executed so smoothly.

I was really hoping to see more tension between Ambrose and Ziggler during the match, but they didn’t show any signs of that. Overall, it wasn’t the worst main event, but it just lacked intensity.


Just about every segment in this show carried some sort of purpose. Not every segment was good, but we were always given something new. Considering how heated the main event feud was last week, it felt cooled down on this show. They started off well with the opening promo, but the tag match didn’t do anything. The low point was definitely the main event (I was expecting more), while the high point was Becky Lynch vs Eva Marie/Alexa Bliss. Overall, I give this show a 6.5/10.


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