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Saturday Morning Showdown – WCPW Built to Destroy (Aug.6)


After receiving a request from a reader and hearing a lot about the promotion on Reddit, I feel the need to cover a WCPW event. Going into this show, I had no idea what to expect. What Culture in general tends to be a polarizing outlet in the eyes of many wrestling fans, so it’ll be interesting to see how they handle their own promotion. For beginners, I applaud them on taking this step, because running a promotion can’t be easy.

Opening Segment

I couldn’t stand the opening promo from Kenny McIntosh. He spent too much time insulting other promotions rather than using that time to hype up this show. They don’t need to insult the other companies to come across as “hip”, because the fans are already excited to be there.

Adam Pacitti somewhat made up for Kenny’s promo, but listening to him break down the show just didn’t do anything for me. Neither him nor McIntosh have a commanding presence, and that’s something every authority figure should have. This promotion would benefit from having limited authority figure appearances, and hopefully they recognize that moving forward.

El Ligero vs Martin Kirby

Early on I could tell this was a match where both competitors were having fun with the crowd. In that aspect, they never failed to entertain. I especially enjoyed Kirby’s constant trash talking. Being able to hear him was rather neat, because I felt like I was watching this in person. Along with that, El Ligero was on point with all of his comedic spots. He wasn’t able to speak as much as Kirby, so he completely relied on his actions to get a reaction from the audience. Of course Ligero had to win this match, as there was more value in seeing Kirby put on the dress.

All and all, I had a blast watching this. Like I said, the two were out there to have fun with the crowd, and they delivered. The only negative part about this match was the commentary team. The two announcers couldn’t stop taking jabs at WWE, which felt unnecessary and forced.

Gabriel Kidd vs Prince Ameen

The actual in ring action moved rather slow, however the stipulation kept it interesting. I’m not saying it was boring, because the slow pacing flowed well. Considering how new the promotion is, someone such as Prince Ameen can’t be somebody’s servant, at least not yet. I believe him winning was the right call. The only thing that continuously took me out of the match was the announce team. They consistently found the need to crack pointless jokes, and make terrible references to other promotions.

Joe Coffey vs Primate

Unlike the crowd’s opinion, I didn’t think Primate looked like a Wyatt reject. In fact, I thought his look and gimmick were rather unique. Without saying a word, his presence filled the ring.

I absolutely love how the two decided to bring the steel chair in early on. That immediately set this apart from the other matches, and freshened the pace of the show. From start to finish, the two worked a hard hitting style, and since they’re both larger competitors, it was only fitting. Along with that, I thought Primate and Coffey had amazing chemistry. They simply knew how to make the action feel intense.

After everything was said and done, I thought either man could have gone over. They were both presented as credible wrestlers, so Primate didn’t look weak in defeat.

Noam Dar vs Jay Lethal 

Did they need to put Lethal’s ROH title on the line? At no point did I think he could possibly drop it at this show. However, if this were just an exhibition match, it would have been much more unpredictable.

I had just watched Noam Dar earlier this week for the first time, and his match in the CWC was far from stellar. I can confidently say he impressed me in this singles contest. It’s fair to say that a wrestler can’t always be judged by one match. Lethal was brilliant in this match, as usual. Every time I watch him, I can never get enough of his in ring pacing. He was easily the highlight.

Not only was the in ring action strong, the announce team seemed to have gotten their act straight. At no point did they take an opportunity to make a tasteless joke, instead the remained serious. While the outcome was highly predictable, they did their best to sell it as otherwise.

Does anybody know how many more appearances Lethal has with WCPW? Well even if he’s not scheduled to come back, I like how the post match ambush was used to give Drake some credibility. Now moving forward he can claim to be the one in WCPW that took out Jay Lethal.

Joe Hendry & Joseph Conners vs Prospect

Hendry & Connors’ version of Union Underground’s Across the Nation was pretty funny. That theme song alone sold me on the two.

This match was also the shortest match on the show, and I believe that worked in their favour. Hendry & Conners were clearly the focus, and I thought they were positioned well, even though they did lose. In fact, that adds more to their act than a win would have.

Rampage vs Big Damo

I know this was my first time watch WCPW, but I wasn’t given much of a reason to care for either competitor before the match began.

This match could have gone one of two ways. It could have either been a fast and hard hitting match (like Primate vs Coffey), or it could have been slow paced with many rest spots. Well, it was unfortunately the latter. There were still hard hitting moments, but the momentum would be taken away with a large break. In all fairness, the Samoan drop from Rampage was quite impressive and smooth. While most of the match was lacking substance, I did enjoy the double turn at the very end. I can’t say I saw that coming, as I was assuming this would end with a clean finish. Unlike the start, the finish actually gave me a reason to care for both competitors.

I know this was for the WCPW Championship, but it would have been better off as the second last match of the show. Instead, they should have placed Lethal vs Dar in this slot.


In all honesty, this promotion has a ton of potential. They’re still in the early stages, so they can easily improve as they move forward. For starters, I’d recommend they stop insulting other promotions, it just sounds to forced and pathetic. Their strong points are definitely in their ability to tell a good story (it’l only get better once they remove the authority figures). The low point was the opening segment, while the high point was Dar vs Lethal. Overall, I give this show a 6/10.


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