Impact Insider (Aug.5)


By keeping matters simple, I thought this week’s edition of Impact was quite effective for most story lines involved.

Opening Segment

I consider both of these men to be charismatic on the mic, so I was excited to see them go head to head. Bennett was excellent as the heel in this promo, as he gave the fans a reason to boo him. I’m glad the Miracle didn’t use this promo as a joke, because he seemed to take his role in the main event seriously. Instead of being a typical heel, he was more focused on telling Carter why he’s better than him. I thought this segment could have been done without Moose, as I found the words of each competitor effective enough. If they really wanted Moose to appear, he’s a big enough presence that he could have just stood there with Bennett, without attacking anybody.

James Storm vs Eli Drake/Lashley Promo

The more I watch Eli Drake, the more I begin to appreciate him. The man is simply a charismatic individual, heel or babyface. In fact, as a fan, I found myself cheering for Drake. I find him to be much more likeable than Storm.

This match didn’t feel long, but I realized that was because how quick these two moved. At no point did the two work a slow pace. I wasn’t a fan of the belt shot spot, as that usually takes out most competitors. From what I’ve seen from Storm, his character certainly isn’t booked strong enough to kick out of a spot like that. I didn’t mind him beating Drake, I just thought some steps were completely unnecessary. Apart from that, I thought the overall match was quite entertaining.

I didn’t expect Lashley to make an appearance, however I thought he cut a brilliant heel promo. Normally I find him to be a charisma vacuum, but that wasn’t the case in this promo. His back and forth with Storm felt extremely natural, and I’m extremely excited about their future match up.

Gail Kim vs Allie & Sienna

Allie was easily the highlight of this match. At no point did she pose a threat to Kim, but her confidence and fear was hilarious. This wasn’t a pretty match, yet the drama was quite entertaining.

Within the past few weeks, I feel as Gail’s program has been with Maria, but this was the first time Sienna became the main focus in that program. In my opinion, it was refreshing to see her dominate. Of course Kim was going to win, however I’m glad she got the pin over Allie, giving us fans a reason to be excited for her inevitable one on one against Sienna.

Jeff Hardy vs Chcuk Taylor & JT Dunn 

Regardless of how long this program has been going on for, I still find it fun to watch. In my opinion, listening to Broken Matt degrade Jeff Hardy will never get old.

Considering how big Chuck Taylor’s name is on the independent scene, I surprised he didn’t receive as much attention. From start to finish, I loved Matt’s commentary during the match. He knew exactly how to get that crowd cheering against him. You’d think the spot of the match would occur in the ring, however it occurred when Matt decided to bite a fan. I didn’t even know what to think, but it was brilliant heel work. The blood on his face just made him look more crazy.

While the Hardys did win this tag match, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here. I’m just happy they’re giving this story as much attention as the main event scene, because they easily deserve it.

Mahabali Shera & Grado vs Tribunal 

This match itself was rather boring, and it’s unfortunate that it had to follow the Hardys. I understand what they’ve been doing with Shera & Grado, but it just didn’t click. Along with that, it went too long. There wasn’t a moment of this contest where I actually cared about what happened.

Mike Bennett vs EC3

I loved the whole story of Bennett being the first to pin Carter. It actually added a lot to the drama, and made this match feel somewhat unpredictable. Along with that, I was glad that Bennett was able to keep up with EC3, and didn’t just fall into the role as a cowardly heel (at least for the first half of this match).

I felt that the two did a brilliant job at telling a story. Throughout the entire contest, the fans were given a reason to believe why the Miracle could pull of the win. My only gripe with this contest was how slow it moved in the first half. In all honesty, it didn’t exactly pick up in terms of pacing until Maria was ejected. The spot of the match was definitely the close count after EC3 hit the One Percenter, as I thought it was over. Brian Hebner deserves a ton of credit for counting that as close as he did.

The only thing I’m left wondering after this match is what happens next for Drew Galloway. Him and EC3 were in such a heated feud, and one can only wonder if that plays a role in Bound For Glory main event.


I thought this show was kept highly simple, and showcased a few important matches. Since I’ve been analyzing Impact on this blog, I have yet to be disappointed. The low point was Shera & Grado vs Tribunal, while the high point was the Hardys tag match. Overall, I give this episode of Impact an 8/10.









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