Impact Insider (July 29) 


As the BFG Playoffs roll on, TNA has done an excellent job at giving every match meaning. The tournament has easily carried the past two weeks of
Impact, and have made it a lot more entertaining.

Matt Hardy vs EC3

One thing I noticed about this promo more than anything else was how quiet the crowd was. It wasn’t until Brother Nero made his way into the ring that the audience started to make any kind of noise. Regardless of that, I liked this promo, from both Hardys. This was the first time since Jeff has been deleted that he’s shown any kind of resistance towards Matt, which was interesting. Also, I’m glad that actually played a role in the finish of Matt’s match. That’s what I call a good use of continuity.

While the two have a ton of history together, this was the first time Carter dealt with “Broken” Matt Hardy. I found everything about their interaction entertaining. I’d also say the same thing about their match. Even though the two aren’t in a feud, they still managed to tell a story. I can’t imagine that being easy as they had to cover to different programs (Hardy vs Hardy and BFG playoffs).

Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim

This wasn’t at the caliber of Sasha vs Charlotte from Raw, but I thought it moved quite smooth. The commentators especially did an awesome job at adding to the drama. Rayne and Kim’s feud was only short term, so it was wise for them to book the match on this show. I wasn’t a fan of the knockouts segment last week, however Kim’s win has me excited on what could happen next.

Rose Mary Flash Back?

This was strange to say the least. Initially I didn’t know what to think of it, but once it was done I actually loved it. This flash back was so campy and cheesy, that it was entertaining. There was a point where it went too long, but other than that I had no complaints about this segment.

Moose vs David Star 

Moose’s first match in TNA had to be an extended squash match. For TNA fans that aren’t familiar with his work from ROH, I’m glad they allowed the former NFLer to showcase his signature moves.

I don’t foresee them making Lashley vs Moose a long term program, but it’s great as a TV only feud. Plus Lashley needs a mini program until the BFG playoffs are over, and I believe that’s the perfect one for him.

DJ Z vs Lashley 

This match shouldn’t have had an opening promo. I understand they needed DJ Z to challenge Lashley, but they could have done earlier in the show. Their confrontation was essentially an extension of the Moose match, so it felt extremely drawn out. I found that to be unfortunate, because it took me out of the early part of their last match.

While they didn’t have a great set up, the actual match was superb. I didn’t think DJ Z would win, although he did look strong in defeat. In that sense, I don’t mind Lashley as the current X Division champion, because he’s making a lot of lower card competitors look good. This definitely should have been the main event, because it was too strong to have in the middle of the show.

Eli Drake/James Storm Promo

This was the perfect kind of segment to follow up the ladder match. The chemistry between Storm and Drake was brilliant. Their interaction was witty and it felt extremely natural.

Decay vs Bromans

Was this match really necessary? Based on the monsters ball stipulation, I truly thought they could have saved this for next week and used this show to build it up. There was no promotion of this last week or earlier in the show, so it essentially came from nowhere.  It was clearly an important match, however it took a back seat to three other programs on this show. That’s unfortunate, because the actual contest was quite amusing.

Mike Bennett vs Drew Galloway

Ever since I’ve started watching TNA, I’ve truly become a mark for Mike Bennett. I believe he has a tremendous amount of charisma, and is not too far behind Matt Hardy in terms of being the best heel in TNA.

Considering how both Galloway and Bennett wrestle different styles, I found that this match moved fairly slow. It wasn’t until the last few minutes of the match that I started to get entertained.

Going into this, I was convinced that Galloway would come out victorious. How could anybody think otherwise? It would be perfect for his narrative with his EC3. However, I didn’t mind Bennett winning, because it was done in a clever way. This swerve makes matters interesting heading into next week. Overall, the finish to this match was a great way to close the show.


From start to finish, I thought this was a solid episode of Impact. All of the matches were strong, and the storylines progressed well. The low point was the decision to have Decay vs Bromans on this show, while the high point was Lashley vs DJ Z. Overall, I give this show a 8/10.

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