CWC Week 3 (July 27)


We’re now three weeks into the CWC, I can easily say it’s still one of the high points of my week. This episode may not have been as strong as the last two were, but it was still entertaining.

Tyson Dukes vs Zack Sabre Jr

This was one of the matches I was looking forward to the most. Tyson Dukes is a Canadian wrestler that is considered an indy scene veteran, so as a Torontonian it was great to see him in this tournament. Zack Sabre Jr on the the hand is my favourite indy wrestler, who I believe would a great fit for NXT sometime in the future. Based on all that, I thought this could have easily been the main event for this episode.

Out of all the matches we’ve seen thus far, this was easily the best in terms of technical wrestling. That only makes sense as the strengths for both competitors is that style. We don’t get to see much technical

Sabre is one of the biggest names in the tournament, and I was worried this match would be all about him, however that wasn’t the case. Dukes was able to shine, and even the commentary team made him look like a threat. The highlight of the match was definitely his ddt, it’s not often we get to see one that looks that devastating.

Overall, this was a great match and set the bar high for the rest of the show.

Harv Sira vs Drew GulakĀ 

As someone from Indian descent, it was pretty neat to see Harv Sira utilize a Bollywood gimmick. That aspect definitely added to the match, because Gulak was too bland.

I’m not sure about anybody else, but I found this match moved slowly. There were a few big spots, however they’d utilize the next few minutes to rest. It didn’t seem like there was any other context. With that being, I did enjoy that superplex from Sira.

Tony Nese vs Anthony Bennett

Every time I hear Anthony Bennett I think of the basketball player. That’s not important to the match, but I just thought I’d let my readers know.

The two played it smart, because they needed to showcase their size difference. It only made sense that Nese dominated the entire match. At the same time, that gives the fans a chance to see Bennett’s crafty move set, as he needed to find creative ways to work in his offence.

There were moments I thought these two were trying to move faster than they could, because there some sloppy spots in this match. They had time, and there was no need to rush. Apart from that, it only made sense for Nese to win. Based on how he won, I’m excited to see how he’ll be booked moving forward.

Brian Kendrick vs Raul Mendoza

We got to see Kendrick make a guest appearance on NXT about a year ago, and after that I would have seen more of him. He may be small, but he does have a special charisma to him. Even though he wasn’t a heel going into the match (nobody in the tournament is), I enjoyed his subtle heel mannerisms.

This was my first time watching Mendoza, and I thought he was highly entertaining. He seemed to have a lot of personality in his pre match interview, however almost none of that was shown in the ring. I won’t harp on that too much though, because he did work hard on making up for that with his in ring skill.

Kendrick is one of the oldest competitors in this tournament, and I believe that story was told well by the announce team. They did speak about how his age gives him experience, yet it could still be his downfall. He didn’t sell this as an easy win either, it came across as a true challenge for him. Overall, this was a strong way to end the show.


Not every CWC episode was going to be a home run, and I felt this was the weakest of the three we’ve seen so far. It was great to see Kendrick and Sabre, but were they only selling points to the show. The low point was Sira vs Gulak, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 6/10.

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