Black and Blue – “like a deuce” Edition (July 15)


In a way, this was an historic episode of Smackdown, because it’ll go down as the last taped one. Ever since the inception of the show, it’s always been taped and broadcasted on a later day, and that’s finally changing. It’s just unfortunate that the WWE phoned this one in, because there wasn’t anything note worthy that happened.

Sasha Banks vs Dana Brooke

They could have easily gone without this match. For the most part it felt like an exact duplicate of their match on Monday. Along with that, the outcome was just too predictable.

Later in the show we found out that Sasha will have to compete in a tag match at Battleground against Charlotte and Dana. They could have easily worked this as a promo to open the show. Flair could have told Sasha in order to receive a title match she’d have to win a tag match, it’s that simple.

Dolph Ziggler vs Rusev

The best part of this match was Mauro Ranallo’s remark about Pokemon Go. If you missed it, he said “Dolph Ziggler is about to find out unlike playing Pokemon Go, facing Rusev is no walk in the park”. As someone that has played the game, that made me laugh.

I thought this match would have benefited from being in the opening monologues before the intro. They could have explained how they’ve feuded before, and how they still have hate one another. Instead, this match was cold. I find that strange because Smackdown has the tendency of giving each match context. I also didn’t agree with Rusev losing. Since Raw, both Rusev and Ryder have lost their matches. What ever happened to both participants in a feud winning before they finally meet? Rusev’s freak out was highly entertaining, and it was a perfect reaction to his loss.

The Club vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

At this point in the show, I felt like I was watching a recorded house show. Three matches in a row was too much, they needed to throw in a a promo somewhere in that first hour. This particular feud would have been perfect for that type of segment. We basically saw this match on Raw, and a promo of some sort could have worked to set something up for Monday.

Unlike the announce team on Raw, Mauro did an excellent job at selling the Club as a unit. So often the WWE forgets they need to promote these stables as a force. Both Anderson and Gallows have cooled down since their debut, and simple comments from the announcers can make a huge difference. Having the Club win because of their numbers advantage was also a clever way of showcasing them as a threat.

Tyler Breeze vs Kalisto

After that last match, I took a good 10 minute break from this show, as they weren’t going to give me one. I found that to be unfortunate, because Kalisto and Breeze truly do have great chemistry. Their match wasn’t long, but it was fluid and entertaining. Kalisto needed this win, because his stock has gone down low.

Miz TV w/Bob Backlund & Darren Young

I don’t think I’ve ever cared for Darren Young as a wrestler, until now. His presence feels more up beat, and he has a character worth caring for.

Right off the bat, there was instant chemistry between the Miz and Young. The feud isn’t even a week old, yet they found a way to quickly heat it up. Bob Backlund works perfectly as a manager, and I look forward to seeing his interactions with the rest of the current roster.

Who would have thought that this feud would have progressed the most on this show?

Dean Ambrose & Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins

At this point, I’ve seen enough of Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose for this year, so the decision to switch the original main event into a tag match was wise. While this didn’t lead to much plot progression, the feuds involved in this match made it exciting to watch.

For the majority of this contest, the action never seemed to slow down. Considering the show had moved pretty slow, I’d say this woke me up. The use of four superstars allowed for fans to see small bursts from each of them, and that made a difference. Ambrose and Owens have met each other quite a bit, but I don’t mind seeing them wrestle for a small amount of time. Rollins and Zayn is more of a fresh match up, so watching wrestle is always a treat. The spot of the match wasn’t a move, but instead it was KO moving Seth away from the Helluva Kick. That type of team work won them match, and I’m glad it was emphasized in the replay.


After watching show, I was extremely disappointed. It took until the last two segments for this episode of Smackdown to feel important. I’m guessing they’re saving everything for next week and just wanted to get this show out of the way, because there wasn’t any urgency. The low point of the show was the opening match, and while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 4/10.



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