On to the NXT One – Underwhelmed Edition (July 7)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

There was a lot of hype going into this show because of the main event. It was pushed hard through Network commercials, and was even given a stipulation (which is rare for NXT). I may have gotten too excited myself, because I was left disappointed.

Bayley vs Alexa Bliss 

Honestly, I’m very disappointed these two weren’t given more time to build a stronger feud. Their personalities are complete opposites, meaning the promos and interview segments would have been perfect. Even during the match the differences in their characters were evident. I just thought it was a wasted opportunity.

The match itself was well done. Since their personalities are different it helped them create chemistry in the ring. It wasn’t difficult for them to execute the right in ring psychology. The spot of the match was easily Alexa’s right hand to Bayley before the commercial break. It sounded loud, and the selling was brilliant. Of course Bayley was going to win, but at times I began to question that. Bliss put up such a strong fight, at times I thought she had the match won. I can confidently say that this was Alexa’s best match in NXT so far.

If the match wasn’t good enough, we got to see Bayley cut one of her best promos. Usually she lacks charisma on the mic, but here she spoke with passion.

Blake & Murphy vs Hype Bros

I truly couldn’t care less for either of these teams. The only thing that was mildly interesting about this match was the choice of putting Blake & Murphy back together. With that being said, their team lacks any kind of appeal/heat without Alexa Bliss.

My disinterest for this match quickly changed the second Rhyno came out and destroyed three of the four men in the ring. The surprise interference from the man beast was most welcomed.

Side Note: I like to believe Rhyno showed up to Full Sail wearing his ring gear. A man with his type of intensity certainly wouldn’t care about walking around in a singlet.

American Alpha vs The Revival 

For anybody watching the time, this match was essentially 25 minutes long. Unfortunately for these four, the length of the match stood out quite a bit. Apart from the time, the bookers of NXT needs to give themselves a pat on the back. I know the tag team division has main evented a NXT show before, but this felt special. The opening video package was even based on their feud.

Early on, the match was quite boring. The crowd chanted it, and I had no choice but to agree. I thought it picked up once Dawson attacked Gable while he was on the apron. After that, the Revival took over and it gave the crowd a reason to cheer for an Alpha comeback. Usually Gable is the one that takes the beating, while Jordan is used for the hot tag, but that was switched around for this match. I found that to be a refreshing decision as it shows the audience how both men are equally as lethal. However, they cheapened that by having Gable get beat down shortly after his hot tag. After that it felt like American Alpha had spent more time selling than anything else. 16 minutes of the Revival dominating almost put me to sleep.

The first fall was easily telegraphed by the pacing of the match. It was evident that American Alpha would have a small jolt of energy to pick up the first pin. They should have picked it up earlier on, which would force the Revival to work harder and dominate the match. By no means was this a bad match, but it may have been the weakest out of the three encounters. This one felt overly predictable, and lacked intensity for most part. The time allotted should have been reconsidered, because it was a clear factor in making this less interesting.


There was only three matches on this card, and by the end, I found myself only caring about one of them. The Balor-Nakamura video packages were more entertaining than 66% of the show. The main event was a better match than the tag match before it, but I had high expectations for the main event. Since I felt it didn’t deliver and I’d consider it to be the low point of the show, while Bayley vs Bliss was the high point. Overall, I give this episode of NXT a 4/10.

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