Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Impact Edition (July 6)


I’ll be 100% honest, I’ve been following TNA in a very casual way. This pretty much means I know who the champions are, and I don’t usually tune in to Impact. I haven’t actually watched a full episode of Impact in years, but the main event of this episode needed to be reviewed. The idea sounded so absurd, I couldn’t ignore it.

Opening Segment

I knew Bennett was in TNA, but I was surprised with how well he’s been handling his singles run. As a heel, I thought he was tremendous. His promo was generic, although it fit his character. I’ve heard TNA fans complain about Dixie Carter and I always thought they were over exaggerating. Well, it turns out they weren’t, because as an authority figure she doesn’t have any charisma.

Trevor Lee vs Andrew Everett vs Mandrews vs Braxton Sutter vs Rockstar Spud vs DJ Z vs Eddie Edwards vs Mike Bennett (Ultimate X)

As someone that mainly follows WWE, ROH, & NJPW, this was a great change of pace.

This particular match seemed to have carried a ton of importance and that made me feel like I was watching something special. The spot of the match was easily Bennett trying to jump for the title. Only a heel such as himself would think it’s that easy to win a contest such as this. The moonsault from Mandrews was also mark out worthy. While Bennett and Spud were the two I was most familiar with, Edwards stood out the most. Since I noticed Eddie throughout the match, I found myself cheering for him, and I was glad that he came out on top. Overall, this was highly entertaining.

James Storm vs Eli Drake

I knew who Eli was, yet I’ve never seen him compete in a match. He played the role of cocky heel perfectly, mainly because his in ring mannerisms were excellent. Based on my research, the King of the Mountain title is TNA’s version of the IC title, but I find the name to be ill fitting. Being the King of Mountain sounds like something the top star in company would want to be called. I’m sure some TNA fans may not agree, however that title needs a name change. I’ve always assumed the King of the Mountain was TNA’s version of the Royal Rumble or G1 winner.

Marti Bell vs Jade

Out of the three matches that were presented at this point in the show, this was the only one without any context. Due to this, I had a tough time caring about the action. That goes to show how a stipulation doesn’t automatically make a match interesting.

Once I got into the match, I was surprised with how talented both women were. I thought they worked well around the stipulation. After watching this, I’d love to see them in a more traditional singles match.

Mike Bennett/Maria/Dixie Carter/Billy Corgan Promo

Initially I thought this would be best served as a post match promo earlier in the night. However, the intensity of Bennett and Maria made this feel important. The two were convincing as heels that were robbed. With that being said, Billy Corgan lacked just as much charisma as Dixie. I find that odd, because Corgan spent years entertaining large crowds with his musical talent.

Bromans & Raquel vs Decay & Rosemary

If the WWE ever wanted a wrestler to play sister Abagail, there would be nobody better than Rosemary. A few alterations to her look would make her the perfect candidate.

I don’t know why Rosemary made out with one of the members from Bromans, but it made the match interesting. Decay not being on the same page is what kept me hooked. Ultimately, the heels winning only made sense.

Eddie Edwards/Bobby Lashley Promo

I’m aware of how much Lashley has improved since his return to pro wreslting, although his personality hasn’t grown much. He’s one wrestler that could benefit from talking less. Edwards on the other hand sounded much more natural. I thought both men did a superb job at making both titles look equal. Their need to fight each other easily accomplished that.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy (Brother Nero)

Out of everything going on in TNA, this was the one feud I’ve been able to follow out of the past few years. They’ve definitely done a better job at the brother vs brother angle than the WWE once attempted. Along with that, Matt Hardy truly demonstrated how good of character he can be throughout this feud. He’s done a masterful job at pulling off his new look.

The promo for this match didn’t do it any justice. Originally I thought it would be done for comedic value, but that wasn’t the case. I actually enjoyed the way it was shot, because it put more emphasis on the story. Theu seo f no commentary made it more intense and allowed the fans to focus on the hatred between the two brothers. At one point it felt like I was watching a movie. I had taken the entire match seriously until Matt had decided to shoot Jeff with fireworks; that made me laugh pretty hard. After that moment, I thought the two did a swell job at bringing back the seriousness in the match. The actual finish had me glued to the screen. It felt emotional and real. I was cheering for Jeff, but after the performance Matt put on, he deserved to go over.


After not watching TNA in years, I’m glad I finally gave it a chance once again. I’m sure they put some extra effort into this show considering the main event, but this may be the first of many Impact reviews for the Casual Smart. The low point of the show was the Edwards/Lashley promo, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this episode of Impact an 8/10.

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