Black and Blue – “I’m kind of parched” Edition (June 24)

With all the news surrounding Roman, I couldn’t have been more interested in seeing what they said in regards to Battleground’s main event. Well, turns out it was one of the first things they addressed on an action packed show.

Opening Segment

It’s worth noting Roman was still prominently showcased on the opening video package. They could have easily shown him standing there in the ring while Seth or Dean were speaking, but they didn’t. They still mentioned the triple threat match, meaning it’s still happening as of now.

Seth did a fine job at following up the triple threat announcement from Raw. Along with that, the tone of his promo was more detailed as he didn’t have to act as hot headed about his loss at MITB. Zayn accepting Rollins’ open challenge was a breath of fresh air. The two have squared off in ROH, but they haven’t crossed paths on WWE television. Seth’s first insult gave both characters a reason to work hard in the main event. As usual, Sami wouldn’t go down easy, which made Seth’s over confidence suiting for this promo.

Ambrose was simply used for comic relief, but it actually worked. Every question he asked, and every reaction Seth gave made me laugh hysterically. The use of the Ambrose Asylum worked well to lighten the mood, and get fans excited for the show.

Cesaro vs Alberto Del Rio

After spending weeks wrestling each other, I’d love to see this year’s MITB ladder match participants receive a break from each other. Whoever has been booking those competitors has essentially exhausted all the options. Don’t get me wrong, I still thought these two worked a good match,. Not only that, it was done in the right amount of time. I thought for sure they would have at least two commercial breaks in between.

Cesaro’s reversal of the cross arm breaker was a thing of beauty. It was extremely fluid, and he made it look easy.

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews

Imagine how important this match would feel if they if they didn’t wrestle at MITB. Like I mentioned before, it’s better off as a television only program. At this point we’ve already seen the pay off, and the feud isn’t strong enough to remain entertaining.

I’m sure a man such as Sheamus knows when a feud isn’t hot, and it was clear he did his absolute best to show intensity. How were both men not counted out the first time they left the ring? That ref took his sweet time, and he couldn’t be more obvious. Of course Sheamus couldn’t lose two matches in row, because how else would they keep this program going.

Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles

This show continued to deliver amazing comedy. I hope everybody reading this laughed as hard as I did when the Usos decided to dabb instead of shake AJ Styles’ hand.

Once again, Styles was set up to look like a fighting heel. Based on the way WWE usually books heels, his attitude is quite refreshing. While Uso wasn’t the favourite in this contest, he held his own against the phenomenal one. His super kick used to counter AJ’s forearm was absolutely superb. Overall, I thought this match showcased both men well. I don’t understand why the announce team questioned the legitimacy of Styles’ win. The Club did nothing to effect the outcome of what happened in the ring. I understand they need to push the fact that Styles will always have the Club in his back pocket, but they shouldn’t use it without context.

The New Day vs The Vaudevillians 

To my surprise, this tag match ended a lot faster than I thought it would. I believe that a quick win benefited the New Day. Since they’re entering a feud against the Wyatt Family, they can’t always be considered a comedy act.

Also, kudos to Bray Wyatt for cutting a deep promo on the New Day. We’re used to seeing both parties involved in different types of feuds, and so far they’re meshing well.

Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch

One of Dana’s signature taunts was the pat on the head to whoever was interviewing her, and for some reason she’s not using it as much. It never felt over used, as it always added to her obnoxious personality.

Going into this match, I don’t think either women needed a clean loss. Both need to look strong for their respective programs. At the same time, Dana didn’t need to attempt a roll up, because what she did looked rather lame. Also, something about the post match antics didn’t sit right with me. Dana and Charlotte are supposed to be stronger as a unit, meaning neither of them should look weak when together. Instead, they decided to have Sasha put Brooke in the Bank Statement forcing her to tap. As Flair’s “muscle”, this wasn’t the greatest look.

Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins

Ambrose and Rollins have so much chemistry, that they can make me laugh when simply walking beside each other.

The flow of this match was excellent. It went exactly how it should have, and that was Seth dominating for 60%, with a Zayn comeback to excite the crowd. Rollins’ dominance over Zayn was a good way to show resilient Sami can be when competing. That type of style allows for the audience to see him as someone with heart. I can easily say that I got behind the action from the start. Seth’s decision to roll out of the ring after the momentum turned was fitting for his character. His facial expressions just showed that he was too over confident, and underestimated Zayn’s strength. Once Sami gained control, both him and Rollins were effective at teasing an upset win.

The cherry on top of this show was a classic mini brawl between Ambrose and Rollins. I’d say they do it just as well as Zayn and Owens.


Going over this whole review, I realized I actually wrote more than usual for Smackdown. I’m guessing this is due to how much happened. Also, I noticed that it was a very strange show. There were three matches I didn’t care for, and by that standard I should be giving this show a 6 or below. However, I felt the good heavily outweighed the bad. By the time Smackdown was over, I couldn’t stop thinking how good it was (before realizing it had several weak spots). That show’s me all of the main players on roster were booked well. The low point was Dana vs Becky, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this episode a 7.9/10.

2 thoughts on “Black and Blue – “I’m kind of parched” Edition (June 24)

  1. Completely agree on the MitB participants. They are relying on them way too much. Nothing against them, but they are falling on the same trap, again. They need to showcase them, but with different stars so those also have a chance to shine as well. In that sense they are handling AJ Styles better as an example here against Jimmy Uso.

    I was more inclined to the 6/10.

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    1. Exactly. Why not give them a break? The roster isn’t tiny, and each of them can easily be in their own program. I’m guessing once the brand split occurs, they’ll be given more prominent spots.

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