Black and Blue – “Mr.Clean dream team” Edition (June 10)


After this edition of Smackdown, the WWE was able to cap off quite the strong week. This episode turned out to be insightful and entertaining. Sometimes the best feeling is when Smackdown leaves you happy before the weekend.

Opening Segment

I truly loved Styles’ promo, and I thought it was miles ahead of the one he cut on Raw. He gave his character some more understandable intentions. In fact, this could have easily been one the top promos he’s cut since his WWE debut.

Initially I was expecting the New Day to interrupt the segment, but Enzo & Cass were an interesting surprise. Big Cass wasn’t the strongest on the mic, although his “Mr.Clean” line made me burst into laughter. The only that was able to top that was AJ’s impersonation of Enzo. Overall, this promo worked in many different ways. It added some freshness to the tag program, made us laugh, and allowed for each performer to look good.

The Club vs Enzo & Big Cass

The New Day has stagnated just a bit within the past few weeks, but they managed to turn that around for this match. Even though they were on commentary, they were easily the highlight.

The commentary was spectacular, however it didn’t fully take away from the in ring action. Enzo & Big Cass looked great against the Club. With Gallows & Anderson looking as menacing as they do, they took full advantage in making Enzo look much smaller. We didn’t need to see a clean finish, because that would only take away from each team involved, so the multi-team brawl sufficed.

Cesaro & Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens & Alberto Del Rio

I’ll take any chance to watch Owens team with other heels. His interactions are always hilarious and character appropriate.

The formatting to this match was just excellent. At first I just yawned at the idea of back to back tag matches, but it was hardly that. Instead it just felt like a 15 minute chaotic brawl. The contest benefited from not having all four mean together for the entire time. The finish definitely complemented the tempo of the match, and it left me satisfied.

Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch

After Becky, I think Dana might have the best entrance in the women’s division. It’s kept extremely simple, but that flip is a great visual, and the music suits her well.

This wasn’t a strong match, although it was good enough to remain entertaining. The ringside drama was clearly focal point, and it worked. I couldn’t have been more happy than when Becky picked up the victory. That only adds to the story that she can usually win when the odds are fair. I’m not sure if that’s the story they were going for, however it’s what I took from the contest.

Kalisto vs Baron Corbin

Why was Dolph Ziggler on commentary? That alone took me out of the match completely. I completely forgot that the two were in a program mainly because we haven’t seen them interact in over a week.

The work rate wasn’t bad, but I didn’t care for what was happening. Also, what’s going on with Kalisto? He’s falling down the ladder pretty fast. I’m baffled with how the WWE just took the gas pedal off of him. In a time where they need unique wrestlers, Kalisto isn’t guy that needs to take a backseat.

Sheamus/Apollo Crews Promo

They’re definitely going for some type of school yard angle with Apollo Crews. He’s playing the role of a kid getting bullied, but deep down he’s nobody to mess with. Of course Sheamus is playing the stereotypical bully, who may or may not be a troubled individual.

Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose

Since this occurred on two consecutive PPVs, it was only appropriate that this be treated special all throughout the night. I personally thought the highlights from their feuds were a great build for the match on the show. It didn’t just stop there, Jericho especially was great at reminding the fans about the thumbtack spot by continuously screaming about it. All of that consistency allowed for me to get sucked in and enjoy the action.

Had none of that stuff happened, I would have easily zoned out and lost all interest. The actual match was fairly decent, but nothing amazing. Going into this, I was confident that Ambrose would win, but I was proven wrong. One thing I love about this MITB briefcase feud is that most of the singles matches are ending with clean wins. In this kind of program it’s allowing for all of them to look equally strong.


Within two hours, Smackdown did an terrific job at covering five of the larger feuds. For the most part, this show didn’t feel stale, and I was left excited for Raw. The matches weren’t classics, however they showcased the drama needed to keep the feuds going. The low point of the show was Corbin vs Kalisto, while the high point was the opening segment. Overall, I give this show an 8/10.

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