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Wednesday Wrap Around – Brand Extension (June 1)

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I actually wish this was announced for earlier last week, because I’m sure by now everybody is sick of talking about the brand extension. At the same time, what kind of wrestling blogger would I be if I didn’t address this. I was considering doing a mock draft, but I’ll hold that off until July. Throughout these next few weeks, I’ll be using the Wednesday Wrap Around to discuss different elements of the brand extension.

The Smackdown Six (Chavo & Eddie Guerrero, Edge & Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit)

Apart from Chavo, each superstar part of the Smackdown six was a success. They were only competing for the tag titles, and they managed to play the second largest role on the show. That’s something that could work very well this time around, especially with large roster they currently have. I’m not saying they have to recreate another Smackdown six, but instead make sure every wrestler plays a role. Even when top guys aren’t involved in title feuds, give them something meaningful, as it’ll help both shows grow.

WWE/World Title

Towards the end of the brand split, one title did feel more important than the other. This was evident through who was carrying the WWE Championship and who was carrying the World Heavyweight Championship. However, it wasn’t always like that. In fact, for most of the brand split, I’d go as far as saying the two titles were equal.
Having those two titles at an equal level allowed for more wrestlers to hit that superstar mark. Performers such as Eddie, Rey, JBL, CM Punk, and Benoit were able to compete in the main event scene because there was a second title. It’s fair to say some of those competitors wouldn’t have received a push if there was only one title. With the massive roster the WWE currently holds, a second title that’s equal to the top one would do nothing but benefit them.
Fresh Matches
Trades, drafts, and inter-promotional feuds helped fuel some more fresh match ups. Cena vs Triple H, Angle vs HBK, Batista vs JBL, or most of Edge’s feuds are excellent examples of how that worked out. We currently live in an era where the WWE has to tip toe around repeating feuds. This happens because every time they have a big program planned out, it’s dragged out for three or more consecutive PPV. With the lack of major babyface/heel turns these days, it’s difficult for the WWE to repeat any major feuds.
The key to executing this successfully all lies in how the often the WWE swaps superstars back and forth. Doing it too much will hurt the credibility of the brand split.


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