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Raw Rollup – “HOLD THE DOOR” Edition (May 31)


There’s been a lot going on in the WWE, and I was expecting it would all be dealt with on this episode of Raw. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all showcased, but there were still some bright spots on this inconsistent show.

Opening Segment

With all the draft talk from last week, I’m extremely happy that Shane and Steph addressed it. I was wondering if they’d wait and bring it up through a story line.

I thought the New Day was a poor choice to interrupt the two McMahons. Usually I find the trio to be hilarious, but I wasn’t in the mood for that. Instead, I wanted to hear more about the brand split, and how it could shake up the roster. If anybody was going to interrupt, why not use someone that wouldn’t make a joke out of it? Kevin Owens would have been a great fit for this promo.

The Vaudevillians vs The New Day

By the time this match had started, I was very turned off from the New Day. I can’t say I really cared to see them wrestle the opening match. What made this match less interesting is that we didn’t even hear from the Vaudevillians. It’s like they had nothing to say after their loss at Extreme Rules.

Thankfully, the Club saved us. I was under the impression they’d feud with AJ before entering the tag division, but I’m okay with this. They actually pose the biggest threat to the New Day.

Apollo Crews/Big Show Backstage Promo

I found Big Show’s presence to be very refreshing, especially since he was giving friendly advice to a new comer. I’m not sure if that talk will go any where past this segment, but it was a smart way to give Apollo some sort of meaning.

The Usos vs Breezango

After watching Breezango pick up two consecutive wins, I was routing for them to beat the Usos. I knew deep down that their streak would come to an end against the veteran team. The actual highlight of this match was listening to Goldust and Truth on commentary. The comedy was cheesy, but in a good way. The segment was topped off perfect, as the two managed to look great beating down Breezango. This will make the Golden Truth’s next loss even funnier.

Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins Promo

The promo from Reigns was excellent. It was short, to the point, and felt very natural. Along with that Seth’s tease of fighting Roman was just as good. He still knows how to get the crowd to boo him. Considering that this was for a main event angle, they should have had Seth cut some type of promo. That would have tied everything together, but instead it felt like filler.

Rusev vs Zack Ryder

Is there a reason Ryder doesn’t tag with Rawley anymore? The Hype Bros would be a good addition to the tag division, and as a fan it would be great to not see Ryder get demolished in every match. With that being said, I was shocked with how even most of this contest was.

Well, they had to get one “USA!” chant on this show, and Titus managed to get one started quite well. I had my doubts about this feud, but there was a lot of intensity between the two, and it felt real.

Charlotte/Ric Flair Video Package

I was just expecting a highlight package about last week’s segment, and I was thrown off that they got input from other wrestlers. It was a neat touch, and added some more emotion to the angle.

Along with that, I was also thrown off by Stephanie degrading Charlotte the way she did. It was unexpected, and it could have been toned down. I thought it was inconsistent with the contract signing that happened three weeks ago. Ric told McMahon she’s the worst business woman ever and that he only cooperates with her because of Triple H. She also slapped him that night. So why is Steph so passionate about this?

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs The Dudley Boyz

I loved the cheese promo, it was brilliant. There’s nothing more I can say about it.

Does anybody else think that this could have been held off until MITB? It definitely could have, but the match was entertaining nonetheless. The dislike was well presented, through the moves and trash talk. Cole did a fantastic job at selling this as a big win.

John Cena Promo

It was Memorial Day, and Cena did a fine job at teaching foreign viewers what it stands for.

Damn, I missed Cena’s promo and it’ great to see him back. My mark out moment for the show, if not month, was hearing AJ Style’s music after Cena dropping the mic. Their standoff gave me chills, like I haven’t had in a while. Along with that, I must have went through countless emotions. At one point I was full joy, then quickly went into a state of shock when the Club beat down the doctor of thuganomics. Everything about this segment was executed flawlessly, and there’s no doubt that it’ll go down as a classic moment.

Dana Brooke vs Natalya

Just as I expected, this was used to lead into a women’s tag promo, and an interesting one. Every bit of this was amazing, because Dana and Charlotte attracted so much heat. Arguably more than any other women’s competitor. Based on this short match, this programming looks to be shaping up well.

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

I wasn’t excited to see these two wrestle another match. Two was enough, no need for three considering the story has been poorly told since their first match. The finish to this was a bittersweet moment. Bitter in the sense that this feud will probably continue, but sweet in the sense that it ended fast.

Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, & Alberto Del Rio vs Cesaro, Sami Zayn, & Dean Ambrose

The meeting between Jericho, Del Rio, and Owens was easily the funniest part of this show. Jericho and Owens especially were great. They just mesh so well together, and I’d love to see them feud, or tag more often.

To be honest, I wasn’t exactly pumped to see this as the main event. The WWE’s done a great job at building this year’s ladder match, but it’s still a multi-man feud, and those are always better off in the middle of the show. The action was still pretty solid, I just had a tough time knowing we’d see nothing else after. If I had it my way, the Cena-Styles promo should have been swapped with shorter version of this. I say shorter because this dragged.


The WWE threw a lot at the fans during this show. Not all of it stuck. I’m surprised that there wasn’t more substance. They talked about the brand split, but treated it as a joke. The biggest program on the show was given five minutes and felt pointless. Those were huge mistakes. The low point of the show was the main event, while the high point was the AJ-Cena promo. Overall, I give this show a 5.5/10.


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