Black and Blue – Undone Turnbuckle Edition (May 27)


After such a solid episode of Raw, it was nice to see Smackdown follow up. Also, based on the news we received on Wednesday morning, there was a special feeling in the air while watching this show.

Opening Segment

When was the last time Michael Cole was given a segment to conduct an interview? He doesn’t do it very often, but when he does it makes the feud feel more important.
I enjoyed everything Ambrose, Owens and Zayn had to say. It was generic, but I thought it worked for this segment. I felt as if Del Rio could have been replaced by someone such as Jericho. At this point Alberto had not qualified for the ladder match, so I thought he felt slightly out of place.
Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder
There was no doubt of Del Rio winning this match. I’m a supporter of Zack Ryder, but there was no chance of him coming out on top against Del Rio. He’s not in the league of the others already in the MITB ladder match, so I wasn’t even pulling for him. Until Smackdown finally becomes its own brand, I thought this was great way to get Del Rio involved with something. The man is extremely talented, and it’s a shame that he was wasted for two consecutive PPVs.
Enzo Amore & Big Cass/Dudey Boyz Promo
I love how this feud is progressing. Based on what we’ve seen this week, it actually feels more important than the tag team title program (which is currently non existent). I’m guessing that we won’t see the pay off for this feud until MITB, so I’m glad it was only teased. That’s definitely the best way to get the fans more excited.
Rusev vs Kalisto
When I was watching Raw, I was surprised that the rematch was announced so soon. I seriously thought they would feud until MITB, which would actually make sense. I know their feud has been lackluster, but it was still fixable.
Is the WWE having second thoughts on Kalisto? He’s an incredible competitor, and I didn’t agree with him losing clean twice within four days. If anything, why not have them wrestle to a no contest, then build a match towards the next PPV. That would give the title more credibility. I’m 100% confident that would be more entertaining than the upcoming Titus-Rusev feud they set up after the match.
Natalya vs Dana Brooke
I hope to god this doesn’t lead to another Charlotte-Natty feud. It was concluded well at Extreme Rules, and I don’t believe it has anymore gas left in the tank. With that being said, based on how Natty was left in the ring, I wouldn’t be against a tag team program. That allows Charlotte to avoid another title match against Natalya, while giving four women the spotlight. Why not throw Becky Lynch in the mix?
Fandango & Tyler Breeze vs Golden Truth
I couldn’t stop laughing when Golden Truth was defeated for the second time by the same team. This is a comedy angle, and having them lose is all part of the humor. I don’t know when they’ll pick up their first win, but when they do, the crowd will pop hard.
Seth Rollins Promo
There wasn’t much to Seth’s promo. It essentially carried the same message as his return promo from Raw. I didn’t think it was bad though. In fact it was neat way to keep his story relevant.
Cesaro vs The Miz
The two had just wrestled a match on Raw, but I commend the two competitors for making this still feel like a big match. With the way Cesaro won on Raw, I was really curious to see how this would turn out.
I actually enjoyed this match more than their previous one. It started off with more intensity, and it was maintained all throughout. What made this contest more special was the fact that it wasn’t as story driven as the other matches on this show, yet there was still a lot of context. It would have been odd to see a title change, but the flow of the match had me believing it would happen. We don’t normally see heels untie the turnbuckle padding, and I loved that it was used here. In fact, having Maryse do it for the Miz was a great touch. I’m glad it actually played a role in the finish, as it actually added to the overall story.
This match only proved to me that Miz is becoming one of the more sharper workers in the company. Cesaro was great, as usual, but the Miz truly stood out to me as someone that’s completely aware of his surroundings.
While most of the matches weren’t exactly great, this episode of Smackdown told many stories. It was kept simple, and I had an easy time following it. The low point of the show was Rusev vs Kalisto, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 7.5/10.

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