Wednesday Wrap Around – Evaluating Each WWE Title (May 25)


So with three of the current title reigns being no longer than three months old, and with two of the other title reigns being over six months old, I thought it would be appropriate evaluate how well each has been presented. Sometimes within feuds the WWE can forget about titles, while the other feuds are purely based on the title. Regardless, the titles should always remain relevant, or else what’s the point of keeping them around? In this week’s edition of the Wednesday Wrap Around, I’d like to break down the status of each title on the main roster, and give it a letter grade. I had done something similar to this back in November 2015, and I think it’s something I’d like to revisit every six months or so. Here’s the link to that post.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: B

If I had done this break down prior to Reigns winning the title, it would easily been a D-, if not a F. In the build towards Wrestlemania, it was simply a prop for Hunter and Roman, because their feud was based their hate for each other.

Since then, the WWE has done a good job with putting importance back on the main title. AJ Styles was only determined to win that title, and from that a great feud was born. Even though AJ and Roman couldn’t avoid drama, their character initially wanted to avoid it. The reason I give this a B is because that only occurred within the past two months. The most recent feud had to remind the fans of why that title is prestigous.

Women’s/Diva’s Championship: A

Hands down, Charlotte has been the best booked champion going in and out of Wrestlemania. She’s a cocky and arrogant heel that continuously enlarges her own ego because she’s holding the title. Ric Flair would also consistently remind the fans that his daughter is in fact the WWE Women’s Champion. Unlike the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, this title didn’t just heat up within the past two months. It’s been the main focus of the women’s division for quite some time. Along with that, this may arguably be the first time the women’s championship has been on par with the main title, and ahead of the secondary titles.

Most of Charlotte’s feuds have been based on her opponents despising her winning methods. Her character will do anything to keep that title, because she cherishes it. That’s one of the reasons I thoroughly enjoyed most of Rollins’ reign from last year. I find anytime a heel is willing to do anything to remain champion, it only increases the value of the title.

Intercontinental Championship: B+

I’d say the credibility of the IC title has more to do with the wrestlers that have held recently held it instead of the stories it’s been involved with. When Owens was carrying it into Mania, he always made sure to make that title was more important than anything other title on the show. He’s a man that understands the importance of championships and how they should be seen. It went through a weird two day phase where it was in a game of hot potato, but I’d say it got back on track once the Miz got a hold of it. Cesaro vs Miz was strictly about the IC title, and like the WWE WHC, a rivalry grew from that. In my opinion, what elevated it even more was KO’s decision to watch the IC match at Payback. Throughout that match he claimed that he wanted that title more than anything else. KO’s character was talking like that all throughout the fatal four way feud.

For secondary titles, the feuds always need to be based on the championship, or else people just forget about them. I truly hope the Miz can keep up the great work and make it relevant for MITB.

US Championship: F

It appears to me that the WWE can only manage to keep one secondary title relevant at a time. Last year the IC title suffered while John Cena made the US title equivalent to the WWE WHC. As it currently stands, the US title is completely irrelevant, while the IC title seems more desirable. It’s strange how so much can change within a year.

Rusev just won the title on Sunday, so this grade will probably change within the next few weeks. I don’t fault Kalisto one bit for a terrible title reign, as I’m sure he was just doing what he was told to do. In fact, I thought Kalisto had a lot of potential as the champ. He has an awesome move set and unique look, both of which fans can easily get behind. However, the booking staff just never gave him and the title enough spotlight to seem important. It doesn’t help that the last two out of three matches he’s had on PPV were for the pre show. Based on that, I just stopped caring, and I’m sure many other fans did as well.

Tag Team Championship: C+

The New Day hasn’t done anything negative to affect the credibility of these tag titles. Up until now, the Vaudevillians have actually been the only legitimate threat to the titles, because the New Day hasn’t been booked to defend them that often. I expect this will change within the next few months. The New Day has ran out of opponents, but they’ll be fully stocked for the summer. After they’re done with the Vaudevillians (assuming the feud will extend to one more PPV), we can expect the Club or Enzo & Big Cass to challenge for the titles. Both of those teams are extremely over and would make the tag team title scene more interesting.

I think it’s great that the New Day is the most dominant team (rightfully so, they should be the champs) and have run through the division, but at the same time, the WWE has slacked on consistently giving them competition. There was no reason they shouldn’t have defended the titles at Mania against the League of Nations.




4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Evaluating Each WWE Title (May 25)

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    Only disagree with Charlotte’s booking. Being a shadow of his dad should have ended long ago.

    I think Nikki held it better. With Ric gone well have to wait and see.


  2. Nice Grading of where there at with each title

    Here are my idea of where each title is going to go (interesting to see where we will be in Six months when this review of titles gets done again)

    I hope to see an “internet” title or WWE Network belt only defended on Network specials

    I think Charlotte’s establishment run has been good but time to make her chase the title. I could see Paige steal the Title at MitB, then have Sasha Take it at SummerSlam and then Becky at Survivor Series with Charlotte then taking it back at Royal Rumble. Have Bayley introduced between Survivor Series to Royal Rumble, then ultimately having a Four horsewomen match at Mania. Longer they left the title more the other women become non-important. Having that new title handed around a little bit is a good idea.

    I think Rollins will be screwed out of his title match at MitB by HHH (if not HHH then RKO), leading to HHH v Rollins at Summerslam and ultimately a Shield triple threat at Survivor Series. I hope they get Bray into the title Picture on his return.

    With the coming completing Smackdown Raw shows, or however that angles going to be then we may see the Tag division either get its time in the sun and become good or fall flat on its face. They need a heel tag team to take those titles, The Club should be the next threat if not take it. The New Day act will continue without the titles and be successful

    I don’t think the WWE cares for the US title because of its roots in WCW, but it might find some light soon. I just hope they don’t repeat the Cena v Rusev feud

    I was thinking they could throw a curve ball and promote Finn Balor (and possible Samoa Joe) and sent Apollo Crews back to NXT and have Corbin do somewhat double duties. Apollo needs to go down, but Corbin’s been doing a good job. But have Corbin continue his indie hate angle and challenge Samoa Joe for the title, then hold it hostage with occasion appears on NXT (he could defend against Nakamura, Balor and Aries before dropping to Crews) Giving them a different person in the title picture with a good story at the same time have Samoa joe Feud with Corbin on the main roster then move on to feuds for the US or IC title. Then to get Balor his spot on the main roster, have him challenge Apollo for his spot on the Roster… Debut the Balor Club and have Crew return to NXT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do like the idea of having some sort of Network title, except it might be tough to execute with the new brand split.

      I do agree with you on Charlotte dropping the belt sooner than later. At the same time, it’s a bit of a catch 22. The longer she holds it, the more value it gains. If it switches more than twice within 2016, it might lose some credibility.

      Speaking of NXT, do you think part of that roster will be involved with the draft? That way we might see some of those superstars make their main roster debuts.


      1. The risk with NXT is raiding all of its talents. Which is a chance 22 as people sign there as a stepping stone to the main roster? But could see them adding surprises from NXT.

        As the wrestlers are on the road 24/7, maybe a wrestler could make a feud back in NXT and get a month off to spend Florida, then back on the road.

        Wrestlers burnout should be something there aware of and attempt to reduce. When Raw was based out of the North East and Showdown Was the South West kinda gave the wrestlers a home base, but we know the product suffered from wrestlers not appearing in both area markets

        I hope that for the production team that they do the taping of Raw and Smackdown in the same arena every couple of weeks or at less in close cities, not having the brand split across the country. That way the cross promotion can still happen

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