Extreme Rules Predictions (May 22)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

I don’t usually get them all right, but I’m feeling extra confident about my picks for tonight.

Rusev vs Kalisto

As time goes on, Kalisto’s title reign becomes more meaningless. In order to salvage this championship, I believe it only makes sense for them to hand it over to Rusev. From what I can see, the WWE is keen on rebuilding his character, and there would be nothing better than him winning this match.
Winner: Rusev
Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler
I genuinely don’t know why this match was booked on Raw two weeks ago. Seeing Corbin win clean sealed this feud. With that being said, expect him to go over once again. It wouldn’t make sense for him to lose to Ziggler at back to back PPVs.
Winner: Baron Corbin
Fatal Four Way 
Honestly, each competitor has an equal chance of winning. The WWE could justify all wrestlers coming out on top. Personally, I’d love to see Cesaro win, but I think the WWE has more of an interest in pushing Sami Zayn. This would give Owens’ character more reasons to be frustrated. Also, that option allows for them to create a feud between Zayn and Owens for Summerslam.
Winner: Sami Zayn
The Usos vs The Club
I’m glad they at least gave this match a stipulation. We haven’t witnessed a tornado tag in years, so this will be quite refreshing. The stipulation is perfect for both teams, as they both thrive in chaotic matches. With the Usos picking up the win on Monday, I predict the Club to leave victorious.
Winner: The Club
The New Day vs The Vaudevillians 
Through and through, this feud has been very consistent. At no point has it become boring, but that might be because of the three week build. The Vaudevillians have looked great so far on the main roster, so don’t expect them to go down easy. However, I have a feeling the WWE is saving the title switch for Enzo and Cass.
Winner: The New Day
Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose
Their promo from Raw was complete garbage, yet I’m still looking forward to this match. Essentially it’s a cage match with added gimmicks, but that also adds to the fun. Both competitors are always better with the use of props, so this match could easily steal the show. I’m not sure where Jericho will be after this PPV, but I don’t anticipate him winning. Ambrose needs the “W” much more, which will help propel him towards a bigger feud for MITB.
Winner: Dean Ambrose
Charlotte vs Natalya
I find this story somewhat similar to Ambrose vs Rollins for last year’s MITB PPV. Nobody knew if Rollins could beat Ambrose without the help of the Authority, and the same applies for Charlotte with Ric Flair. I’d love to see Natty hold the title some day, but tonight won’t be her night. Charlotte has arguably been the best booked champion on the roster, and it would be a mistake to change that. A clean win is something her character needs, as it adds another notch to her reign.
Winner: Charlotte
Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles
Consider this to be another potential show stealing match. The two have amazing chemistry, and with each other they know how to tell the story the audience wants to see. Expect run ins from the Usos and the Club, which will allow for the finish to not be clean. There’s been teased tension between AJ and his gang, but it’s cooled down in recent weeks. I believe that will culminate in this match with his Bullet Club brethren turning against him and costing him the match.
Winner: Roman Reigns

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