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Wednesday Wrap Around – Utilizing Television Based Feuds (May 18)


Last night I noticed Alberto Del Rio for the first time in a long time. For any of you that read the Raw Rollup, you’ll remember how I mentioned his absence and irrelevance on WWE television displays how crowded the main roster currently is. The amount of star power might not be strong, but there are a lot of wrestlers occupying space. It’s truly a shame that many of these talented competitors can’t manage to be booked in relevant feuds. Usually when something like this happens, fans quickly forget that superstar even exists. However, this doesn’t need to be the case.

While there is bigger feuds that are given a pay off on the monthly PPVs, why not book television feuds? For those of you that don’t understand the term, a television feud refers the idea of a feud that’s booked and resolved strictly on television (Raw or Smackdown).

This would be a refreshing take all outlets of WWE television. The company produces over five hours (including Main Event and Superstars) of television every week. Out of those hours, there’s usually three to four that hold any importance. Producing television feuds would allow them to use the non important hours to create something the fans could possibly care about. Now I’m not saying that these need to be feuds with complex stories, just something simple.

A great example of this can be seen on NXT throughout most of it’s programming. I’m aware Takeover specials are more spread apart, which makes television feuds a must in order to keep programming fresh. Let’s take Blake & Murphy for example. The two will most likely not be wrestling at the next Takover, but they’re still being used on television. For those of you that read my NXT reviews, you’ll that I can’t stand Blake & Murphy, however in the mini program with Austin Aries, they’ve become interesting. While the tag team will job out to Aries and the partner of his choosing, they’ve still been given a chance to remain relevant. Another great example of this is how they’ve used Eva Marie. She hasn’t been booked in any Takeover feuds, but she has been used well on television.

If a similar formula is implemented on WWE television, I believe that will allow for the main event feuds to feel more fresh. Let’s hypothetically say that Del Rio and Sheamus are involved in a mini feud, which will have it’s pay off on Smackdown. That could possibly prevent writers and bookers to not book the main event feuds in a repetitive manner. In that case, they could easily make the fans more hungry for the larger programs that will be showcased at the PPVs. I believe a large part of NXT’s success is based on keeping their main event stars fresh, as they’re not on every episode.  By having less segments for the main event programs, it would make them a larger deal. There would be no need for constant promo segments that sound the same on Raw and Smackdown.

I’m not sure if this seems like a stretch or not, but in my opinion, it gives the WWE more chances to use the workers that are sitting in the back. This way, we won’t forget about who’s currently on the roster. Feel free to leave your thoughts on whether or not you agree.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Utilizing Television Based Feuds (May 18)

  1. This is part of what they are lacking. Take a look at Lucha Underground, where everyone in there (including announcers, managers and commentators) have a story explaining why they are there.

    For fans it gives us ability to chose which feud to follow vs. having a story line shoved down our throats.

    For the wrestlers it gives them something to work towards and make them perform better and grow as performers while having more options for main events as everyone is booked strong.

    Of course, this would need a WWE creative able o handle all this…


    1. Well based on the way Lucha Underground is presented, I think it’s easier to explain why those wrestlers are around. I find it tough to compare it with WWE’s narrative.

      However, if the WWE could even showcase the rankings of different wrestlers, it would easily give them more to work with. That way guys like Del Rio have a reason to fight and move up the card.


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