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Raw Rollup – “King of cheap pops” Edition (May 17)


Lately, go home shows have been rather disappointing. In fact, for the past few months Smackdown has been much better in that role. I can’t that was the case for this show.

Opening Segment

AJ didn’t say anything out of the ordinary, but his promo was strong. I liked how he stated that he was still a big deal even when he wasn’t wrestling under the WWE.

For all the grief Roman is given over his promo abilities, he was excellent in this segment. I especially loved how he adapted to the crowd’s “We want Rollins” chant. From what I can recall, I don’t think he’s ever add libbed in that way. Through and through, this was strong work from all performers involved. Considering how this is the go home show, it was perfect for creating that last bit of excitement for Extreme Rules.

Sami Zayn vs Cesaro/Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens vs The Miz & Cesaro

Damn, what was the point of airing every entrance? How could the Miz and Owens not come out during commercial? I know it’s an odd complaint, but that took me out of the match. Since I was already zoned out, I’m glad this contest quickly ended in chaos.

Initially, I sighed when Shane announced a tag team match. However, Stephanie quickly peaked my interest when she announced the teams. It’s a simple, yet fun twist on the feud.  The dynamic between Owens was Zayn was absolutely hilarious. Since they’ve had a hot feud, it only makes interactions like this more entertaining. I felt this match started to drag at one point. It doesn’t help that we had to sit through another commercial break. Even though Owens wasn’t fully involved in the finish, he was still the highlight as he made the referee raise his hand.

The Shining Stars vs Enhancement Talent

The vignettes weren’t enough to catch my attention, and I completely forgot that the Shining Stars were set to debut. However, once they made their way to the ring, I was intrigued. This was the most personality I’ve ever seen from Epico and Primo, which was refreshing. I’m excited to see which direction the company will take them.

Dean Ambrose/Chris Jericho Promo

For the most part, the back and forth between these two was quite pointless. By the time they announced the match stipulation for Sunday, I was already zoned out.

Why was did they need to play that creepy/eerie music while the cage was being brought down? I found it to be extremely cheesy, and didn’t make it interesting.

Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch

I’m curious about how this feud will play out now that Emma has suffered an injury.

I wasn’t sure how Brooke would execute her signature flip on the entrance ramp (NXT stage is slightly different), but I loved how it was done. There’s no denying that she knows how to use her charisma. The match however wasn’t too great. I believe it was quite sloppy, and didn’t have any direction.

Golden Truth vs Breezeango

I absolutely loved the video package they made for the Golden Truth. Not only was it funny, it reminded me that this a program that’s had five months of growth. I’m not sure if that was intentional, but it made for amazing story telling.

The emergence of the Golden Truth actually benefited both Breeze and Fandango. Those two look great as a tag team, and I’m actually glad that the two picked up the win. There’s more excitement in watching the Golden Truth work hard for their first victory.

New Day Promo

Consistently, the New Day delivers funny promos, but every now and then they deliver one that stick out from the rest (in a good way). Well this was one of those promos. I couldn’t stop laughing, this was hilarious. A time machine? Only these three could pull that off.

The Usos vs The Club

I applaud the Usos on using darker face paint. Since they’re involved in a serious feud it only makes sense that they wouldn’t use bright colours. Before the match started, I thought I would lose all interest because we’ve seen it so many times. However, the added drama happening outside of the ring made it more interesting. Also, the in ring action was pretty intense. The spot of the match was definitely Anderson giving Uso a boot to the face while he was on the top rope. It’s a simple move, yet it looked devastating. Based on how the match flowed, I didn’t mind the Usos winning clean. So far the Club has looked much more threatening than the Bloodline (I think that’s what they call it), and I think it’s fair if they’re both equally intimidating.

Big Cass vs D-Von Dudley

Once again, Cass manages to hold his own on the main roster. They’ve given him a chance to remain relevant, and he’s made the most of the opportunity. Thankfully though, this match didn’t last too long. At this point in the show I was slightly burnt out for in ring action, so I wasn’t hoping for a 10 minute match between these two.

Kalisto vs Alberto Del Rio

I completely forgot that Del Rio was even on the current roster. That’s strange because I remember how the internet exploded after the pictures of him and Paige surfaced this weekend.

Del Rio is extremely talented, and it’s a shame that nothing is being done with him. I guess that shows how crowded the main roster is. Like I said about the previous contest, I was too burnt out to watch this long of a match. The only highlight was watching Rusev attack Sin Cara backstage, and then dragging him out. The post match beat down from Rusev, was also pretty entertaining. I never thought that Kalisto would be the perfect person to sell the accolade. They way he was bending back had me thinking he’d snap any second.

Contract Signing

With the amount of TV time this feud has been getting, and with the Ric Flair drama, I was excited about this receiving the main event slot.

This feud has had it’s highs and lows, but I’d definitely consider this to be one of the high points. The substance was simple, and that’s what made it entertaining. The added stipulation was a nice touch, and should make matters more interesting on Sunday. Ric and Charlotte were the stand outs of this promo. As heels, these two were on fire with their mic skills. Originally, I thought it was tacky that Stephanie tried to get the crowd to cheer for. However, it worked out perfectly as the crowd was chanting her name once she slapped Ric. Out of all the slaps she’s delivered over the past year, this was one was probably the most fitting.


For a go home show, I think this episode of Raw hit every note that it needed to. The title feuds especially were given a lot of TV time, and that makes a huge difference, because it puts importance on them. The low point of the show was the Jericho-Ambrose promo, while the high point was the opening promo. Overall, I give this a show an 8/10.

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