Black and Blue – “UPPERCUT PARTY ” Edition (May 13)


After watching ROH live and NXT this morning, watching a main roster WWE show felt refreshing. I know it’s usually the other way around, but it helped that Smackdown was a solid show.

Opening Segment

I love that this feud is based around objects and talk shows. Considering how both performers are strong on the mic, they’re easily carrying it. Jericho was the highlight of this promo, and he didn’t even talk on the mic. The straight jacket was a nice touch, because I never imagined it being used as a prop in this feud.

Rusev vs Sin Cara

I can’t say I cared for the match, since the previous one was such a disaster. If had to guess on why this was booked, I’d say that the WWE realized their mistake from Monday night. Thankfully, Rusev was able to pick up the clean win and knock down Kalisto. Had that been done on Monday, this feud would have started off a lot stronger.

Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch/Backstage Promo

Dana Brooke was absolutely brilliant in the backstage interview. She was smooth, and got her message across. Maybe bringing her up this early wasn’t such a bad idea.

I noticed that Dana wasn’t wearing her signature Chuck Taylor’s during this match. It was actually quite noticeable since it was a big part of her look. Brooke isn’t any kind of wrestling technician, but she was lucky to be paired with Lynch, who made her look good. Her move set was kept simple, and I believe that helped her look threatening in the ring. I was pleased with how the finish played out. Dana looked strong in her debut, while Becky didn’t look weak as she didn’t fully lose clean.

Kofi Kingston vs Aiden English

These two teams have meshed well, but I think the pre-match promo has been their best interaction yet. Part of me wouldn’t even mind if the titles switched hands at Extreme Rules. The Vaudevillians have been excellent on holding their own against their opponents.

The spot of this match was easily Kofi being thrown into the ring post. I had to rewind it just to see if he actually made contact. I just wished it played more of role in the rest of the match. English winning was the right call because it’s important that the Vaudevillians look credible.

The Club vs The Usos

If you ask me, this should have been the main event. These two teams are in the main event program, so why not let them close the show? I honestly thought that this was as strong as their first match. It wasn’t paced the same, which is what made it refreshing. Considering how they’ve been involved in a heated feud, it was essential to see the Usos as competitive as the Club. Mauro Ranallo has had experience calling the matches of Anderson & Gallows, so his ability to build them up was superb. At the same time, he never sold the Usos short and was able to justify how they could possibly win. Since both teams are involved in the main event program, I’m glad that nobody was pinned. That wouldn’t have helped either of them.

Gorgeous Truth vs Goldango

I couldn’t put my finger on it during Raw, but during this match I realized that with Truth looks like Future with his new hair style. Regardless, it suits him.

Believe it or not, this was the match I was most excited for and it was awesome. Based on the story has been progressing, I couldn’t have booked the finish better myself. Truth and Goldust truly have the best bromance in the WWE. My only question is, how did Goldust stay down for a three count after getting nailed by a clothesline?

Cesaro & Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens & the Miz

Once this match started, I was slightly taken out of the show. Too many consecutive tag matches is never good for the viewer at home. The work rate wasn’t bad, but the placement wasn’t the best. In fact, the drama during this contest was quite intense. The stand out was hands down Cesaro. He truly came across as the star as all the big spots were built around him.

Having these four in the main event was perfect for elevating the feud. The WWE deserves credit for placing the IC title feud this high on the card. I know this wasn’t the first time within the past few weeks, but they deserve an applause for staying consistent. The Miz at times get portrayed as a joke, and we as fans forget to take him seriously. However, the ending of this match actually made him look like a legitimate threat to the other competitors. Sometimes the cowardly heel needs to look strong.


If you’ve ever noticed, Smackdown always does the simple things that Raw forgets. It never feels overbooked, and the story lines are progressed in a logical way. It’s definitely clear that the two shows have separate writing teams. The low point of the show was the decision to put Kalisto back on commentary, while the high point was Dana Brookes’ promo. Overall, I give this show a 8.5/10.

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    I was also afraid about Dana’s call up, but they did pretty good. She looked amazing. Hope she and Emma get the big heel roles they deserve.


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