Wednesday Wrap Around – NXT Invasion (May 11)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Ever since NXT has hit it’s stride (late 2014/early 2015), fans have been clamouring for a potential NXT invasion angle. Why wouldn’t they? The idea of it sounds extremely sexy, mainly because we’d be getting a few dream matches. Not only would it be refreshing from a wrestling perspective, it could generate a plot that involves the entire company. Just imagine Vince leading team WWE while Triple H leads a group of NXT stars looking to prove themselves. The idea itself is easy to sell, as many of the top stars that have gone through NXT can be considered just as strong as the top WWE guys. Well, there’s a reason it hasn’t been done. Pitting the two brands against each other would be fun, but in the end it wouldn’t exactly help anybody.

Let’s just assume they booked an angle where NXT invades the main roster, and it culminates at Survivor Series. What would come out of it? If NXT wins, do they just stay on Raw and Smackdown, or do they continue to do their own thing at Full Sail? What if the main roster superstars win? That would only show that the main roster is superior to the developmental brand, and we’re already supposed to perceive it that way. Long story short, it’s fun to think about, but it would most likely bomb from an execution stand point.

With all that being said, I’m sure there’s still a demand to seeing an invasion of sorts occur. Well, there is a smart way to book that, and the WWE has already figured it out (I’m not talking about the influx of NXT talent being called up). During Monday night, there was a local ad that ran on television in Hawaii, which advertised a house show for June. The commercial advertised John Cena vs Shinsuke Nakamura, Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens, and Asuka vs Charlotte. That card alone already looks stronger than Wrestlemania 32’s. I’ve searched through reactions online, and for the most part they’ve been mainly positive. Fans see these matches as compelling. This hasn’t been confirmed, but I’ll go out on a limb and assume this will be a Network special. I’d be baffled if it wasn’t, even if it’s on a Wednesday night. There’s no way they can keep this off the Network, as that card is just just far too strong to not broadcast.

Asuka and Nakamura are currently part of NXT, yet they’re competing with top stars from the main roster. Assuming the WWE doesn’t work an actual invasion angle, which I truly don’t foresee, expect these matches to be built around great wrestlers vs other great wrestlers. By keeping it simple, that will automatically put over the two NXT competitors. From executing simple angles like that, there would be no need for a complicated invasion story line. If they can book at least one of them to go over their main roster opponents, it would still allow for NXT to be seen as a credible brand (which would generate interest from the fan that doesn’t watch NXT). With the amount of money Nakamura is supposedly being paid, I don’t see the harm in him going over Cena clean for a one night only match. What would be the point of giving him such a big contract if he’s only going to be booked to lose one of his biggest WWE matches?

This doesn’t necessarily have to end after a potential network event like this. I wouldn’t mind seeing other one off matches between certain NXT stars and WWE stars. Maybe next time we can see the New Day vs American Alpha, or the Usos vs the Revival. The trick is to make these types of inter-promotional matches rare. If they occurred once a month, chances are they wouldn’t be so fresh. NXT has definitely grown into something of it’s own, and it’s important keeping it growing. It’s managed to get all the hardcore fans talking, so why not go after that fan who only cares to watch Raw?

One thought on “Wednesday Wrap Around – NXT Invasion (May 11)

  1. I see the ECW style twist in an invasion of NXT, With the Shield standing tall to protect the WWE and then turn. I hope that is where the current Steph/Shane angle is going. I hope Steph sides with Shane and Hunter run the revolution.

    I could see that the NXT guys take the Smackdown time slot show but keep the NXT formatting with the occasional mix of brands, make Smackdown live again. Make either the US or IC title show exclusive and have the WHC on both Shows. Women and tag on both as well. In a way especially the Brand split. I think they have grabbed enough guys off the indies now that they could make enough television that not every wrestler needs to run both RAW and Smackdown each week

    I still like the idea of a WWE Network Belt, defended on Network Specials, Network PPV, and NXT takeovers (imagine Corbin with that belt, could continue his hate of indies wrestlers)

    Keep the NXT Show for development territory and have wrestlers from both Raw and Smackdown drop into the NXT base to run a feud every now and then

    But most of that thinking is pie in the sky sort of stuff as they are a conservative company by nature.

    A tame NXT uprising is more likely, but I remember the Nexus and question the value in that type of feud given most of those guys have now disappeared, so unless it tied in with a power play angle of Hunter and Shane it may not work

    But do see a lot more Network Specials with crossover being a good thing

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