On to the NXT One – ” I’m the only one she needs” Edition (Apr.28)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Thankfully NXT rebounded from that horrendous episode last week. It’s safe to say that this one was quite entertaining all throughout.

Asuka vs Eva Marie

That title looks great on Asuka. It seems to fit naturally on her waist. Unless the crowd was muted, Eva’s reaction wasn’t nearly as bad as it normally is. However, once the match started, the crowd became quite vocal about her wrestling skills. The highlight of this match was the commentary. Tom Phillips and Corey Graves had some of the best banter I’ve heard from them. For someone that’s given a lot of grief, Eva deserves some credit after taking that apron bump. I’d never imagine her being involved in a spot such as that.

This was one match that didn’t need a commercial break, because it didn’t need to go as long as it did. After the break, I lost all interest. I know it was kept long in order for Eva to look strong, but I don’t that it translated like that.

Samoa Joe vs Finn Balor Highlights

From what they showed us, this looked to be an incredible match. Everything from the in ring work to the storytelling clicked. Based on how their previous matches ended, I thought Samoa Joe’s backstage interview was fitting.

The Revival vs Enhancement Talent

I think the Revival would highly benefit from a strong run without the titles. Prior to their initial reign as tag team champions, they mainly flew under the radar. Also, destroying enhancement talent was exactly what they needed to remain credible. I’m glad they won in that fashion, because I had almost forgotten they were even a tag team on the roster.

Hype Bros vs Blake & Murphy

I’d love to see the Hype Bros remain as a tag team, and eventually become part of the main roster tag division. Say what you want about Mojo Rawley, but the man has plenty of charisma that the crowd loves to see. Apart from seeing Rawley, I didn’t care for this match, as I didn’t have any reason to.

The post match attack from the Revival was actually the highlight. It shows me that they’ll have a feud before getting their rematch. Also, it gives the Hype Bros a real program for the first time.

Carmella vs Aliyah 

This turned out to be a solid outing for Aliyah, in terms of in ring ability. She moved more fluidly than I thought she could. Either that, or Carmella has just become a machine at selling. To my surprise, this ended up being a highly entertaining contest. There’s a few spots up for grabs in the women’s division, and I’d like to see Aliyah emerge as someone of credibility.

Elias Samson vs Shinsuke Nakamura

We’ve only seen Nakamura twice before this match, and I can’t see myself getting tired of his entrance. I also haven’t stopped listening to his theme song since his debut. I thought the length of this match was perfect. Nobody wanted to see the Drifter, but everybody wanted to see Nakamura kick some ass. It was short and sweet.


This episode of NXT ended up being a lot stronger than last week’s show. We were given more stories, and the in ring action was more entertaining. Apart from one match, most of this show carried context, and has me wondering what could happen next week at Full Sail. The low point of this show was the Hype Bros vs Blake & Murphy, while the high point was main event. Overall, I give this show a 6/10.

One thought on “On to the NXT One – ” I’m the only one she needs” Edition (Apr.28)

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    I only disagree with Eva’s match. She has improved a lot, but still way to go. Maybe one or two more years.

    Sometimes it feels like plain hate. Hope they don’t push her too hard or she will be the female version of Reigns.


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