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Wednesday Wrap Around – Finn Balor (Apr.27)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

At this point, it’s no secret that the WWE is teasing the fans with Finn Balor being called up. Like most fans, I’d love to see him make his main roster debut sooner than later. Anybody that’s watched him perform has been enamored by his presence. The demon gimmick alone has allowed for new fans to fall in love with his character. He may not be the sharpest on the mic, but his strengths definitely make up for that. As NXT’s anchor, he’s done more than enough to carry that brand throughout the past year. There was actually a moment in time where I was convinced that he would just remain the face of NXT, as he himself has expressed his desire to grow the brand even more.

With Balor now dropping the title to Samoa Joe at a NXT house show in Lowell, rumors of his call up have started to run wild. Since that match, he’s done nothing but pour more gasoline into the fire. We’ve seen tweets, snaps, and Instagram posts indicating that he would make an appearance on Raw. However, Finn is known for “trolling” his fans through social media. Here we are, a few days away from Payback, and many of us still think he could have a role in the main event. Regardless on whether he shows up or not, I think it would be appropriate to discuss some of the pros and cons of him being called up to the main roster.



I’m sure the pros will always outweigh the cons in this scenario. The main roster doesn’t lack talent, but fans always enjoy seeing new and compelling faces in the main event scene. With that being said, if Finn immediately appears in the main event pciture, he’ll be golden. He’s proven in NJPW and NXT that he can easily carry the portion of the show. Whether he’s a babyface or heel, he knows how to keep the fans happy. I personally believe he has the potential to gain John Cena-esque popularity if he’s pushed the right way. For the fans, the closest they’ve ever gotten to that kind of baby face performer in recent time was Daniel Bryan, but the company seems a lot more invested in Balor than they did Bryan. Other than him being smaller than the prototypical “face of the company”, he definitely has the other qualities that are needed. He appeals to women through his good looks, caters to children with his enigmatic demon gimmick, while appeases the hardcore fans with his ability to wrestle in the ring.


I’m not talking about continuity from the WWE, but more towards his career prior to signing with the company. I can’t ever recall the WWE trying to rebuild a faction from another promotion (excluding the NWO and other factions from WCW or ECW). I’m sure this would be a first, and there’s no doubt it would work. The formation of the Bullet Club was a massive success in NJPW, and it remains as one of their biggest draws. Why couldn’t this be replicated in the WWE? Within the past few years, we’ve witnessed the emergence of many different heel stables, but I’d consider the reunion of the Bullet Club to be treated more special than the others. They’ve already done a slow burn throughout the past few weeks on Raw, so to me it’s obvious that they have big plans for this team. It’s not often that a new tag team gets to work along side the WWE World Heavyweight champion.


Lost in the shuffle:

I personally don’t see this as a big issue, but there’s always a possibility of it happening. Many NXT call ups have been lost in the shuffle after being called to the main roster. However, that only applies to competitors they were never high on to begin with. They normally treat big names such as Zayn and Owens well. Let’s keep in mind that John Cena, Seth Rollins, and Randy Orton are set to return within the upcoming months. Neither of those workers are going to take a backseat once they come off the injury reserve. This is where Finn’s status can turn from main eventer, to the next Bray Wyatt. Now I don’t mean that as a knock to Wyatt as a performer, but rather how the WWE continues to push and halt him in every feud. Maybe allowing two of the three injured main eventers to return would be beneficial for the former NXT champion.

NXT takes a hit:

There has been quite a few NXT call ups lately, and it’s starting to make that roster look thin. If Finn is gone, all they have is Bayley, Joe, & Nakamura as their big draws. Even for those headliners, a main event call up is realistic within the next few months. While the WWE will do their best to draw in crowds based off those names, they’ll need to quickly push some new names in the main event scene. After those three are gone, I can’t honestly think of any performer on that roster that can carry the brand. With the Global Crusierweights Tournament around the corner, they may have to pressure big names like Zack Sabre Jr. and Kota Ibushi to join the company.


I’d love to hear thoughts on a potential Balor call up! Would it be smart? Or are they rushing him?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Finn Balor (Apr.27)

  1. The time would be right, get them stuck into a feud with Aj Styles. But the shuffle does become the problem, given the League of Nations which were never properly used breaking up will make more one on one matches and screen time becomes harder.

    Personally, I am not completely sold on Balor, I understand the appeal but the look/story just doesn’t agree with me, which is weird cause I love the bases of the Kane character

    But with that being said, maybe we don’t see each superstar each week. Like the effect on NXT it special when that particular superstar wrestles, that being said the crowd goes home happy because of how they do multiple recording at a show.

    I won’t like to stay on this create the feud early in the PPV cycle and run with it. Hopefully, we won’t see last minute match throw into the Card as much going forward (exception here being the US title)

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    1. With this many superstars, they might have to work a NXT style, where wrestlers aren’t on television every week. With NXT being so popular, I don’t think the main roster crowd will have an issue with knowing Finn. Do you think Balor debuts on Sunday?


      1. Sunday would be awesome, but they might delay having the run in the PPV after, (stealing a theory I heard somewhere else) have AJ Style refuse to take the win after Gallow and Anderson run in. Then have three week where AJ gets a rematch in a Cage or Hell in a Cell (Cage being more likely) with Balor doing the interference in the match

        P.S. was it you which added the Grammarly ad in?


      2. No ads on my part.

        Having Balor appear at the next PPV might also be a good idea. This event already has enough hype, so there’s no need to put everything into one show.


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