On to the NXT One – “Shady guy outside of the resort” Edition

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com
The best word to describe this week’s episode of NXT is “weird”. The match ups didn’t make sense, and it didn’t seem like anybody was thinking ahead when this was being taped.

Enzo & Cass vs American Alpha

The WWE knew that Enzo & Cass would be making a move to the main roster, so why put them in this type of predicament? I’m not opposed to anybody winning or losing, but at this point both teams need to be presented as winners. Based on the result of this match, why not call up American Alpha to the main roster? Gable and Jordan did a good job at carrying the flow of this match. They worked well around Enzo’s strengths and weaknesses. I thought the spot of the match was Jordan’s reaction when he saw Cass being tagged in. The latest main roster call ups didn’t look weak in defeat, however they could have gone without competing in this match.

Alexander Wolfe vs No Way Jose

No Way Jose’s gimmick seems awful similar to Fandango’s. Nonetheless, the crowd reacted well to him, which is all that matters. Sometimes comedic wrestlers are needed on the roster, and I believe Jose can fill that spot. I know I had a few laughs.

Nia Jax vs Deonna Purrazzo

We haven’t seen Jax wrestle in quite sometime. I’m assuming she was healing from some sort of injury. I for one actually enjoyed her push at the end of 2015, so I hope she can recover some of that momentum. It would definitely add a lot to NXT’s shallow women’s division.

Apollo Crews vs Samoa Joe

Similar to opening tag match, the pairing of these two made no sense. Joe can’t lose because he’s the top heel, however Crews has just made his main roster debut, so he shouldn’t be losing either. Just like Enzo & Cass, Apollo is being shown as a stronger competitor on the bigger stage. What does it say about him if he can’t win a match in NXT?  The in ring action was as solid as I assumed it would be, but I couldn’t get over the fact that this match didn’t need to happen. Joe’s not anywhere close to being done with the main event picutre in NXT, so I guess he was the better choice to win.


This was a strange episode of NXT. I never thought the two squash matches actually made more sense than the opening and closing matches. I could only assume that this was a complete throwaway episode. Maybe the WWE only thought of calling up Crews, Enzo, & Cass hours before the Raw after Mania. I don’t really know what could be considered a low point or a high point to this show. Overall, I give this episode a 4/10.

I hope this cheers some of you up:

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