Black and Blue – “Zayn is gonna feel the pain” Edition (Apr.15)


Hello Readers, I am still on vacation, so my sister will be reviewing Smackdown.

Black and Blue

Tonight’s episode of Smackdown was a very seamless production. I found myself appreciating basically every minute of it especially with all the on-point smack talking done prior to matches.


Opening segment

Maryse introduced the Miz for MIZTV and it was so appropriate in making them come off as the resident annoying WWE couple. These two are doing a great job at making the crowd hate them. They’re overly self-involved to the point that it’s almost sickening. They definitely need to keep it up in order for audiences to stay behind Ryder with this one.


Baron Corbin vs. Zack Ryder

This match was definitely well promoted. Miz set it up to make it seem as if Ryder stood little chance to Corbin as an opponent. Even though Corbin killed it, Ryder still came out looking hopeful for future matches. His post-match beat down was a great addition to the match though I do wish more would have came from Dolph Ziggler’s interference.


Kevin Owens Backstage Interview

I feel like the purpose of this interview was to remind the crowd that Kevin Owens is quite simply a jerk. The intention was effective and I don’t mind seeing Owens hit us with some harsh words.


Paige vs. Emma

I always love a good women’s match and I felt like this one delivered. Emma’s aggression comes out with full force and it is great to see. Paige gave me what I wanted to see but at the same I feel like I’ve been waiting for her to step up her game a little recently. I know she’s fully capable of it and I can’t wait to see her give us some more.


Enzo and Cass vs. The Ascension 

It’s really great to know that we do have a tag-team on the main roster that we know is going to be giving us an extra source of entertainment in terms of mic work. This is especially awesome when they’re up against a team as verbally helpless as the Ascension. This match was overall great to watch. Other than making the Ascension look even more basic than they have become, it was nice for the non NXT audience to see what Enzo and Cass will be bringing to the table.


Styles and Del Rio Backstage Segment

This was effective in giving viewers a little bit of context for the coming match between these two. It didn’t get me overly hyped but I did garner some extra interest in the match-up.


Del Rio Vs. Styles

I found this match was really effective at giving us close counts which always adds an obvious sense of excitement especially among a match that could go either way. Styles’ victory was great to watch since he had so much to lose when considering Del Rio’s foul words of doubt towards him.


R-Truth, Goldust, and Fandango Backstage

I’m a little worried that the longer the teasing of Goldust and R-truth is stretched out, the less cathartic it will feel when it comes and they’re finally working together. Sure we get some comedic relief especially with Fandango’s gyrating influence on Goldust but something definitive has to happen soon.


Vaudevillians vs. Goldust and Fandango

The Vaudevillians victory had me wanting to cheer “NXT! NXT! NXT!” The two recently debuted NXT tags both advanced in the tournament? That’s solid. I did find the entire match pretty interesting to watch but knowing that Goldust and Fandango are not a tag team that is going to be for more than an addition to the Goldust and R-truth storyline made the notion of the Vaudevillians winning inevitable to me from the get-go.


Jericho interview

I never get tired of Jericho being a man-child in his persona when he’s a heel. His dislike he shares for all the new main roster talent is exactly what we need from him. The way in which he literally pointed his nose upward while trying to sell Jojo on his greatness was so spot-on in making viewers hate him right on time for the match.


Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho

I absolutely have to note that Sami Zayn made the beginning of this match very aesthetically appealing when he was throwing Jericho around. I was a tiny bit disappointed to see Owens interrupt the match because it would have been great to see Zayn and Jericho have an organic match but seeing how it turned into Owens and Ambrose on commentary with the match going on reinstated my interest in the match. I thought this absurd path the match took was genius, I felt both thoroughly entertained and it furthered the feuds between Ambros vs. Jericho and Owens vs. Zayn that much more. Moreover, having two guys like Zayn and Jericho put on a sound match while having two eccentric personalities like Owens and Ambrose share their comments made me feel like my night ended on the right note.




I didn’t find myself having any qualms about tonight’s show. It flowed smoothly and we were given the right amount of smack talk from not only Enzo and Cass but also Del Rio and Jericho. Even though nothing over-the-top happened, it proved to be a successful night for the recently debuted NXT tag-teams and I stayed impressed all throughout.


I give this show a solid 7/10.


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