On to the NXT One – Recap Edition (Apr.7)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Honestly, I had no clue that this was going to be a full out recap show. Other than Apollo Crews vs the Drifter, what am supposed to talk about? Well that question put some pressure on me, as I’m sure many of my readers are still expecting something for today. Maybe I can do something similar. Instead of recapping the last Takeover, I’ll add some comments on how the event itself has grown at such an awesome pace.

NXT Takeover

The first ever Takeover special occurred in 2014. Of course, this was a time when only the most diehard of fans would actually watch. The stars in 2014 truly set the bar for future events. After seeing matches like Cesaro vs Zayn, Charlotte vs Natalya, and Zayn vs Neville, NXT slowly became the place to watch great wrestling under the WWE umbrella. The stories that they told were simple, and always to the point. Winners of each match were always decisive, so the finishes to the main matches were never overbooked.

Then Triple H started to seek out bigger indie names. Competitors such as Owens, Balor, Itami, Crews, Joe, Asuka ,etc. While those wrestlers were amazing on their own, they had a lot to live up to. They knew tha they couldn’t stay in cruise control, especially for any Takeover event. Those big names stepped up, and took full control of this brand.

Within two years of its inception, Takoever specials are considered more significant than most WWE PPV events. When I first saw Takeover Arrival, I never thought that would ever be the case. We’re at the point where that event can easily sell out an arena that runs a WWE PPV. It’s incredible. To me, this is a sign that pro wrestling can still grow at rapid pace, even if it’s a niche product. Albeit, NXT is driven by the WWE corporate machine. However, that should still show the WWE that they’ll always have room to grow. It doesn’t have to stop once you hit the ceiling. Takeover:Dallas was a prime of example of this. Around August, when they were in Brooklyn, I couldn’t figure out how NXT could grow anymore, and they showed me. Each Takeover has been fresh. Never once did I feel like I was watching something that was recycled. If you observe the past four events, every star was booked in a new and exciting way. Overall, there’s no doubting that the WWE has created something special at Full Sail, which is now being demanded across all over the world.

Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson

Needless to say, I enjoyed watching the recaps more than this match. The Drifter was essentially built up to be fed to Crews. Was Samson ever meant to be over? I’m starting to guess that the his character was meant to be hated, but not the way you hate a heel that’s doing his/her job. He’s the only heel the Graves refuses to put over, and I always wondered why. There was a moment where Corey started to put over the Drifter, but he snapped himself back into place. This alone tells the crowd how hard it is to like this competitor. Overall, this was a well below mediocre match. The build to it was weak, and that’s mainly the reason I couldn’t get invested.

I can’t really grade the highlights from Takeover, so instead, I’m choosing to grade the match as I did with the other ones from last Friday. I think it’s fair to say that match deserves a 4.5/10. The in ring action wasn’t bad, but what’s the point if they couldn’t draw me in.

Recently, I’ve started to create some wrestling based memes for my Instagram account. Let me know what you think, as I’ll leave one at the bottom of every review. It’s my way of finishing on a lighter note.

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