Wrestlemania Wrap Up (Apr.4)

Wrestlemania 32 went five hours, but you would have never guessed. The excitement almost never died, so the time flew by. The booking was unpredictable, which made matters more interesting. It’s fair to say that the WWE brought their best foot forward last night.


Considering how long the show was, I didn’t have plans to analyze everything specifically from the pre-show. The two hour pre-show wasn’t tough to get through, and it flowed quite well. Most of the matches were highly entertaining, and thankfully the crowd was hot. I might be in the minority, but the Usos and Dudleys did a brilliant job. Bubba especially deserves credit for his ability to talk trash in the ring.

It’s worth noting that the panel acknowledged the negative reaction Roman may receive. For the most part, the WWE has tried to brush off the boos, but it appears they’re embracing them.

I marked out like crazy when I saw them reveal the new women’s title. I had heard the rumours, but I wasn’t willing to believe until I actually saw the new belt. Kudos to the WWE for finally realizing how hideous the current belt looks.

IC Ladder Match

There was no better way to start off the show than with this match. Also, there was no better way to start the match than having Zayn and Owens brawl. While there were many rest spots, the action in the ring never stopped. Sami Zayn is an absolute machine. I didn’t think he’d be as adventurous with his spots as he was. After the beating he took on Friday, I was amazed that he was able to outshine everybody else in this match. My favourite spot was Ziggler’s use of the Sweet Chin Music. However, the most impressive spot was the frog splash from Kevin Owens. Zack Ryder also deserves some credit. For someone that’s never competed in a ladder match, he looked quite comfortable taking those big bumps. I didn’t anticipate a Ryder victory, but it was such a feel good moment. Seems to me that the WWE is interested in giving him another push. Overall, solid match.


AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

After a spot infested ladder match, I thought this was the best contest to follow up with. I thought the crowd would have been exhausted after the the previous match, but they managed to stay well invested. It was a solid back and forth, with Jericho having a slight upper hand. The pace was well worked, as it wasn’t too fast, yet they never slowed down. Both Walls of Jericho spots had me pulling hair. Since both spots were done in the middle of ring, I wasn’t sure if Styles could actually grab the ropes. One thing I didn’t agree with was Jericho kicking out of the Styles Clash. At one point it was so well protected in Japan, but it doesn’t feel that way in the WWE. Jericho’s win can be justified. He hasn’t won in the past few Manias, and he’s now even with Styles.


The League of Nations vs The New Day

In terms of the in ring aspect, I couldn’t care less about this match. However, I was highly anticipating a great entrance from the New Day, and I must say, they did not disappoint. The Dragon Ball Z theme was unexpected, but it was a nice touch. The match itself was pretty boring until the last five minutes. Del Rio should have reconsidered his trunks, as they matched the attire of the opposing team. Of course I was cheering for the New Day, but I expected the League to pick up the win.


Post Match Altercation w/Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, & Stone Cold Steve Austin

This was nothing more than a brawl with some of the biggest legends, and it worked well. The entire room of people I was watching with marked out. It was great to see Austin, HBK, and Foley execute their finishers for this show. The spot of this segment was definitely Woods taking the Stunner. Not only was it hilarious, it was a feel good moment.


Brock Lesnar vs Dean Ambrose

Dean might be the smallest wrestler that Brock has been in the ring with since his return. That’s probably why Ambrose went flying after every german suplex. The story between the two is that Lesnar has a massive size advantage, and they conveyed it perfectly. As much as I enjoyed the beat down from Lesnar, this match became much more entertaining when Dean gained momentum. Neither man abused the weapons too much in the early part of the match. I was happy with every spot that was delivered. Did anybody else think that match ended too soon? I thought the action was just building when Lesnar picked up the win. Regardless, it was still a highly entertaining match.


Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Charlotte

These women had the best entrances on the show. While Sasha had Snoop, Charlotte was still able to steal the show with her Ric Flair-esque robe along with the pyro.

I was confused with Sasha’s tights, then I realized they were probably a tribute to Eddie Guerrero. That wasn’t her only tribute, as she even worked in Eddie’s taunt and Frog Splash. Honestly, I had tough time typing while watching this match. It moved so fast. Whenever I thought it would slow down, one of them would execute a big move, which would heighten the pace. The spot of the match was Charlotte’s moonsault outside of the ring. Just like Cole said, it was a thing of beauty. It’s fair to say that each competitor was a star in this contest. My heart was hoping the title would change. However, after the way Charlotte performed, I’m not even upset that she retained. At this point in the show, this triple threat was the best match.


Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker

Out of every match, this one started off the slowest. In fact, it took a while for me to get invested. Taker needed to have the upper hand in the early part of the match. That was the only way I could buy into it. Clearly the bookers of this match didn’t feel the same way. From start to finish, it looked like Taker and Shane were even. At certain times, it looked like Taker was straight up struggling to fight a non wrestler. I’m aware Taker landed two signature moves, but that didn’t appear to make any difference. In my opinion, the match only picked up once the two left the cage. After they left the cell, the two worked the match that the fans wanted to see and at that point, they had my full attention. The second Shane reached the top of the cell, my heart started racing. Shane then worked the spot of the show, if not the year. Within the past year, I’ve marked out, but never that much. I even jumped out of my chair when they showed the slow motion replay. McMahon deserves all the credit in the world. For a contest that started off weak, these two managed to create a ton of emotion. I’m happy with the way this ended. It was simply poetic.


Battle Royal

Even with Shaq in the match, Sandow received the biggest pop. Wrestlemania is all about the celebrities, so I’m glad they got someone as big as Shaq. Fandango was also perfect with his comedic timing. Overall, this battle royal worked well as a buffer. There wasn’t any emotion tied to this, so it great in terms of relaxing and watching. In no way did I see Corbin coming out victorious, although it was a pleasant surprise. He’s been great in NXT and deserves some sort of physical award.


The Rock vs Eric Rowan

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Rock since his return in 2011, but nonetheless he knows how to create an electric atmosphere. Was it smart idea to insert the Wyatts in the same segment as the Rock? Bray cut a pretty serious promo, and I knew the Rock couldn’t reciprocate.

I’ll admit, I lost it when Rock announced a match. Along with that, it was great to see John Cena. Actually, I was more excited to see Cena than the Rock. I had mixed emotions about this entire segment. It was exciting, yet it came at the expense of Bray Wyatt. Is that all the Wyatt Family is?


Triple H vs Roman Reigns

The only word to describe Triple H’s entrance is “badass”. Everything from the henchmen to Stephanie’s introduction was perfect.

I knew Roman’s reaction was going to be bad, although I didn’t think it would be as bad as it was. The first half of the match moved quite slow, and it was the crowd reaction that kept it entertaining. It didn’t matter how good this match was, the cheers and jeers were all that stood out. I found it odd that they still made Hunter use heel tactics. Cole and JBL were spectacular. The duo regularly gets criticized on their ability to call matches, but they delivered here. This was a regular singles match, right? Why wasn’t the ref counting when Reigns and Hunter were brawling outside? If he was, he did a terrible job at making it urgent. I laughed quite a bit when the fans at ringside were the only ones chanting for Roman. Everything about this match was average until Reigns drove Hunter through a barricade. That was easily the spot of the match. It seems like Roman won the crowd over for a few seconds when he speared Stephanie. I was calling for that spot, so I marked out when it happened. There needed to a clear heel turn for Roman. That’s all this match was lacking, and it would have made it epic.



There were so many injuries going into this show, that nobody knew how the WWE could pull it off. I believe they made the most out of what they had. The best part about this show is that it’s not done yet. We still have Raw tomorrow night, which I consider an extension of this PPV. The low point of the show was LON vs New Day, while the high point was the women’s triple threat. Overall, Wrestlemania 32 receives a 7.3/10.

One thought on “Wrestlemania Wrap Up (Apr.4)

  1. I agree with you. They did the most they could with what they had. If it wasn’t for some missed spots in the Women’s title, it would have been the match of the night, perfect.

    The rest was a solid show, pre-show matches were awful to say the least, but the show worked overall.


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