Wrestlemania 32 Predictions (Apr.3)


I’m still going crazy over Takeover:Dallas. The WWE has raised the bar high for themselves, but I’m confident they can deliver a solid show. Fans didn’t have faith in Wrestlemania 31, and look how well that show turned out. Whatever issues we had with booking, I’ll be putting them aside to enjoy the show tonight.

Battle Royal 

I can’t say I really care for this match. Expect someone from the Wyatt Family to win. I’d put my money on Bray.

The Dudleys vs The Usos

After all the build, the Usos have to come out on top. They’ve been tormented by the veteran tag team, and it only makes sense for them to win.

Total Divas vs Naomi, Tamina, Lana, Emma, & Summer Rae

For the purpose of taping a feel good moment for Total Divas, the cast of the show will be victorious.

Kalisto vs Ryback

Out of every match on the pre-show, I think this will be the best one. Ryback usually puts forth a great effort in big matches, and Kalisto never disappoints. The WWE is putting a lot of time into building Kalisto, so I predict him to retain.

IC Ladder Match

Sami Zayn is the only option, in my opinion. After the match he put on with Nakamura at Takeover, he deserves a big win at Mania. It also gives Zayn more creditability as main roster competitor. People who aren’t familiar with him will realize he’s actually a big deal. At the same time I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Owens retained.

Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

My heart wants Becky to leave as champion. Her chase for the title has made her the most likeable character in this feud. With that being said, Sasha Banks is just too popular to lose. Banks is extremely over with the hardcore fans, and the WWE knows the crowd will pop for her winning.

AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho 

With so many gimmicks in place for Mania, this is the only match that’s kept simple. It’s a great feud, and the two have amazing chemistry. I actually think this has potential to be the match of the night, if executed correctly. Styles will win, he has to. However, Jericho will look strong in defeat.

The New Day vs The League of Nations

I’m not really excited for this match, but I am excited to see the New Day’s entrance. I can’t even imagine what they have planned for that. Will they have a marching band? Maybe horses disguised as unicorns?  With the titles not being on the line, and the New Day having an elaborate entrance, I don’t foresee them winning. A loss in this match definitely wouldn’t hurt them. The League of Nations still needs to be booked strong, and a win here would help them.

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar 

I had a very difficult time choosing a winner for this match. Ambrose needs it, but it’s tough to picture Lesnar losing. I highly believe that these two will steal the show. Dean has a background in hardcore matches, so he’ll definitely deliver on his end. After a hard fought battle, expect Ambrose to win. It won’t be easy though. Expect Lesnar to dominate the majority of the match.

Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker 

There will be many spots and run ins for this contest. It needs to be overbooked, as neither competitor is well equipped to carry a match within the ring. I feel like Shane should win, but I can’t fathom him pinning the Undertaker at Mania. Even with a ton of interference, I just can’t accept that. Fans can justify Lesnar beating Taker, but not Shane. The idea of it seems absurd, and because of that I predict that Taker will win.

Roman Reigns vs Triple H

I wouldn’t mind if this match went on last. Reigns will be booed, and hopefully the WWE embraces that reaction. It’s the only way I can picture this match being successful. I don’t believe they’ll work a double turn though. Hunter needs to remain as a heel. Reigns will use heel like tactics to gain a victory, as there’s no way he can win clean. Don’t be shocked if the Rock or Dean Ambrose come to celebrate and get attacked by Roman. An angle like that will give him nuclear heat with the crowd, which will work well for the WWE.

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