Black and Blue – Cheap Suit Edition (Apr.1)

While it was mainly a preview show, I still enjoyed most of the in ring portion. Also, some of the video packages are worth checking out before Sunday.

AJ Styles vs Heath Slater

This episode was taped right before Raw. Is the WWE trying to convince me that part of their roster/production crew was still in Brooklyn three days before Wrestlemania? Either way, I applaud their efforts on making this feel like a live show.

Styles’ has had a few encounter with the Social Outcasts, and I’d consider this to be a mini feud for him. To be honest, I’m surprised this match lasted as long as it did. While Slater came out on the losing end, he looked considerably strong in defeat. That aspect of the match kept me quite entertained. Normally Heath is defeated within two minutes, so watching him wrestle longer was refreshing .Overall, this was a solid way to open this shortened episode.

Jey Uso vs D-Von Dudley

The Dudleys haven’t won many tag team matches since their return, although they’ve won quite a few singles matches. I personally believe this makes a difference for their image. It shows that the two are still in ring veterans, and know the right tricks to pull out wins. If only they could put that knowledge towards significant tag matches. Jey and D-Von did a decent job at making the most out of their time. The in ring action never felt dull, while Jimmy and Bubba made sure there was enough action at ringside. I believe the excitement from the Brooklyn crowd added to this contest.

Eric Rowan vs Dean Ambrose

It’s unfortunate that Luke Harper suffered an injury, because I’m sure he would have been in this match as opposed to Rowan. Could they not have gotten someone else to compete with Ambrose? Dean’s old adversary, Bray Wyatt, would have worked better. Especially since they were in Brooklyn, as that crowd would have appreciated it. I just felt that this match moved incredibly slow. For the most part it was just Dean selling for Eric, until the finish. I’m aware they didn’t want to exhaust anybody important that was on Raw, but this is still the last match fans see before heading into Mania.

Video Packages

If you plan on watching any of the video packages, I’d recommend checking out the one for Lesnar-Ambrose. It was intense, and did justice to the story they have built over the past few weeks.


There wasn’t much to this show. I won’t go too hard on this episode, because it mainly acted as a preview show to Mania. In that sense, it succeeded. In fact, two of the three matches were still fairly entertaining. If you’re looking for something to get you excited for Mania, this would be the show to watch. Just stop watching when the main event starts. Overall, I give the in ring portion of the show a 6/10.

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