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Wednesday Wrap Around – Bray Wyatt & 2016 (Mar.23)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Currently, Bray Wyatt has no Wrestlemania program. I think it’s safe to say that the WWE is taking a step back to figure out what they should do with the Eater of Worlds. Nonetheless, I would have never guessed Wyatt to be in this position. Last year he was involved in a marquee match with the Undertaker, and now he’s become an afterthought.

As per Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, Bray Wyatt is due for a big push right after Mania. Lets assume that this is true, where do they even start? After many butchered feuds and missed opportunities, the WWE needs to be extra careful this time around. There’s no doubt that Wyatt is an exceptional performer, however any wrestler can be suffer from questionable booking. I believe if handled right, Bray can indeed become the next Undertaker.

There’s no way they can completely leave Wyatt and his gang off Wrestlemania. He’s still an attraction for fans. This is where I think the push should start. If he’s allowed to compete in the Battle Royal, they should book him to win. I don’t consider a win in that match to be significant, but it’s still a starting point. By allowing for Bray to dominate a good part of the roster, it reminds the fans of how threatening he can be. A great example of this can be seen in his booking heading into the Royal Rumble. Call me a mark, but I genuinely thought he’d leave the Rumble as champion. You should go check my predictions. He dominated Brock, and even gave Hunter a run for his money.

The next step in making Wyatt a credible threat after Mania is letting him win his next major feud. Sure, he’s beaten multiple superstars underneath him in the food chain, however he can’t beat anybody above him. Essentially, that’s why he’s become stale. What’s the point of emotionally investing in his character? If they don’t allow him to break through the glass ceiling, the WWE is just wasting a potential main event talent. Within the next year, he needs to have a clean/meaningful win over someone like Reigns, Cena, or Orton. It simply adds another wrestler into the mix of the main event. There’s no harm in that. Then a year from now, they even cool him down for a month, and he’ll still make his feuds feel important. That approach has proven to succeed somewhat in Dean Ambrose.

Further more, maybe a babyface turn would be in the best interest for Wyatt and his posse. Since his debut in 2013, he’s remained a full fledged heel. When someone sticks to a character for that long, it can become boring for the fans. I’m not sure how’d they execute that, but it would sure be refreshing. My only concern about a turn is the amount feuds that can be created. The rest of the top guys are all babyfaces, meaning one or two of them would have to turn. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt the WWE to give several other superstars a slight change in character.

Will Wyatt win the championship? I’m not sure. With Roman looking to capture the title at Mania, his successor will have to be mighty strong. That decision comes with time. For now, the company needs to focus on making Bray a threat once again. This week’s edition of the Wednesday Wrap Around wasn’t as long as the previous ones, however I really wanted to discuss this character moving forward. Feel free to leave your thoughts on Wyatt and his path moving forward.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Bray Wyatt & 2016 (Mar.23)

  1. I also thought/wished he won the Rumble match. It was the right move at the right time. As much as I have loved the work HHH has done as a heel champion, we all know this reign has its days numbered from the beginning. He can’t be full time wrestler and manage NxT, etc. at the same time.

    Then they hinted a feud against HHH and Brock, but none occurred. Bray vs. Lesnar would have been interesting as well, that is if he would win it.

    Feuding against whoever is champion after Wrestlemania is a sure loss, so I hope they don’t go that way.

    With Harper injured it might be better for them to take some time off and come back revitalized, maybe accompanied by Sister Abigail!

    I would argue against a face turn, his character is perfect as it is and I don’t think it’ll fit as a face. It is too dark for that.

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    1. I also believe his character is fine as a heel. He can probably go his entire career being a heel. I’m just shocked with how they’ve been so scared to pull the trigger on him. I don’t mind Haitch as champ, but I was surprised when Wyatt didn’t win the rumble.

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      1. They could have their train wreck feud with HHH and Reigns just based in the elimination without the title being involved.

        Have to admit, HHH has dine an awesome job.


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