Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker: Strange Booking Decisons (Mar.16)

Several weeks ago we witnessed one of the biggest surprise returns in company history. Shane McMahon’s reemergence shocked fans across the world. He preached about how bad the WWE has become in his absence. In his initial promo, McMahon had done a brilliant job at catering to a certain crowd. There’s no doubt that this sparked a lot more interest in this year’s Wrestlemania. Now Shane see’s himself in a program with the Undertaker.

The return pop for Shane was massive. Maybe that’s all it was, a return pop. I can’t speak for every fan on this planet, but I’m starting think that McMahon’s momentum has cooled down significantly. There has to be a good amount of viewers that are starting to see how ridiculous this feud actually is.

I’d like to point out that Shane-O-Mac is being booked as an actual threat to the Undertaker. This is probably the most absurd aspect to this plot. Like I mentioned in my review of Raw, Taker has been in two hellacious feuds within the past year, yet somehow a returning non wrestler went toe-to-toe with him. From a kayfabe perspective, can somebody please explain the logic behind that decision? I can’t possibly see anything believable about that. It doesn’t help that Shane’s not able to throw a proper strike when in the ring. I hope that fans can keep in mind that the deadman needed Vince’s help in order to stand tall at the end of Monday’s show.

Like everybody else, I understand that all forms of professional wrestling require fans to suspend their disbelief, however the WWE isn’t making it that simple. As I said, Shane is a returning non wrestler, so he needs to be playing the role of an underdog. It would certainly make it easier to cheer for him as opposed to Taker. I don’t think he should be acting as tough as he his, because it also takes away from his opponent. When Vince announced that his son would wrestle the Undertaker, it felt like a big deal. As a viewer, it left you with the question of how Shane would overcome this dilemma. I’m not sure who wrote McMahon’s last two promos, but that point never came across. Other than Brock Lesnar, all of Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponents have shown signs of doubt and fear. It’s what makes that match even more intriguing. Never once did Shane look threatened by the deadman. By bringing the Undertaker down a level, it makes my wonder how the actual finish will look like.

In the middle of everything, I’m still left wondering why Undertaker has chosen to back up Vince. The initial promo between Taker and Vince was fine, as they kept it vague. I didn’t mind that, because I thought it would be explained when Shane and Taker would meet face-to-face. Well, I clearly thought wrong.

As it stands, it doesn’t appear that there will be someone taking Shane’s spot in the match. Even though that would have been the best decision several weeks ago. This is truly a shame. Two weeks after Mania, I’ll still look back in utter disbelief that Shane McMahon was one of the two people that beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania (assuming he wins). In hindsight, that spot could have been used for someone else to receive a legitimate rub. Will the match be entertaining? It probably will be. Knowing that McMahon isn’t a skilled performer, we’ll most like see a ton of stunts, with smoke and mirrors. I won’t lie, I’ll probably be marking out at all the spots and bumps they perform. There’s a lot of fan speculation that Taker will eventually lie down for his opponent, after a gruelling match. After what transpired on Raw, would that make any sense? To me, it doesn’t seem like Taker would be willing to give up that way. It would also be an overbooked finish.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this feud.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker: Strange Booking Decisons (Mar.16)

  1. Hell in a Cell calls for weapons and interventions that might help Shane. On top of that it immediately came to my mind seeing Shane jumping from the top of the cell into an announcer table in an elbow drop.

    That’s the only hope of that match being any good. I agree that Shane needed to be booked as underdog, it can’t be any other way.


  2. I think Vince promo last week had a moment in it that spoke volumes. Vince said that Shane wouldn’t have a magic fix to get ratings (which is some what true). The long term effects on the potential of this match is limited (crippled by the fact you know that Vince will still have control in the back), which takes away from this match.

    This match came from no where and as a stand alone, i agree, won’t hold up, especially since we are all excepting big moment and they may not be able to deliver.

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