Raw Rollup – Vince is Booty Edition (Mar.15)


Alas, the WWE found the right formula for Raw. By that, I mean the formatting was next to perfect. They consistently changed what the fans were seeing, and I believe this made the three hours easier to digest.

The New Day vs LON

I would totally buy the Booty O’s cereal box. That must be the most creative collectors item the WWE has for sale.

Raw always seems faster paced when they start the show off with a match. When it’s an important match, it allows for the viewers to get absorbed right away. Kofi is definitely the best worker in the New Day, but arguably the worst hype man out of the three. Originally I was confused as to who was the heel team. Well, the post-match segment straightened that out for me. Its official, the New Day are finally babyfaces.

Based on the New Day doing a face turn, I thought this match could have ended sooner.

Dean Ambrose/Paul Heyman Promo

With the reaction Ambrose continues to receive, he deserves something big to put on his resume. It could possibly be a clean win over Brock Lesnar. It’s weird to admit, but I couldn’t get into Heyman’s promo. That’s probably because this feud has cooled down quite a bit. It was a smart move to tease a physical altercation along with Ambrose pulling out a crow bar. That spot definitely made this promo worth watching.

Ryback vs Sin Cara

Since late 2014, this could be the most interesting version of Ryback. This character is also a better type of heel for him to play.

It needs to be said, Sin Cara’s ring gear looked awesome. That’s probably one of the best luchador looks I’ve seen. I don’t think it’s a surprise that the match wasn’t as slick as Sin Cara’s gear. However, it worked as a way to further this Kalisto-Ryback feud. I especially liked the simple post-match promo that Ryback cut, as it set up a match for Mania.

Dolph Ziggler/Authority Promo

Triple H was magnificent in this promo. It was easily one of his better heel promos since 2003/2004. His rant on everyday people just felt so real, as if he meant what he said. I’m sure for every fan, part of what he said could resonate (maybe not to that extreme).

I can’t recall the last time Ziggler cut such a passionate promo. His counter to Triple H was great. It made sense coming from him, because his character is someone that fans can relate to. The real pop in this segment came from Dolph’s insult to McMahon. It wasn’t anything original, however it was unexpected, at least for me. Overall this turned out to be a brilliant promo. Not only did it make the fans care for Ziggler, again, but they got the crowd excited for a huge match later in the show. The timing for this announcement was perfect, as it allows for viewers at home to continue watching past the second hour.

Sami Zayn vs The Miz

Zayn has been on the main roster for a full week, and he’s fitting in. Similar to Owens, his transition to a larger stage was seamless. It says a lot about how great of a talent he is.

The spot of the match was definitely Zayn’s barricade moonsault. I wasn’t anticipating that kind of move in this match. Actually, most of this match felt like a showcase for Sami. It could be seen in the moves executed, and the announce team. That’s fine though, because he feels like a big deal. The Miz deserves credit for working so well with his opponent.

Having the Miz attack Owens was great for continuity. Owens abandoned the Miz on Smackdown in a tag match, so it’s only fitting that he’d want revenge.  

Brie Bella & Alicia Fox vs Team BAD/Lana & Paige Promo

I didn’t care for this match. However, I did care for Lana’s involvement in the match. It made everything a lot more interesting than if she wasn’t there.

After seeing Paige in a backstage interview involving Lana and Team BAD, it’s safe to say we’ll see a six women tag match.

The Usos vs Social Outcasts                                                                              

Did they drop the ball on the Dudleys-Usos feud last week? It doesn’t seem like they were involved with each other during last week’s programming.

Also, it was great to see Bo Dallas wearing some different ring gear. It compliments his body. After seeing the Usos get beat down for the past few weeks, they were deserving of a dominant win.

Triple H vs Dolph Ziggler/Reigns-Hunter Brawl

Like most, I had my doubts on whether this match would actually happen. I couldn’t believe that Hunter was actually wrestling on an episode of Raw. Just like their promo from earlier, the timing of this contest was perfect. It took place right on the top of the third hour, which is enough to keep people hooked for the rest.

Does anybody know if these two have wrestled in the past? They showed great chemistry with each other. Ziggler was dominant early on, and Triple H did well by selling every move. The barricade spot was awesome. It would have meant more if it wasn’t done during a commercial break. I was able to shrug off the bad timing for the break, as these two continued to work a good pace. They took their time, which showed to me how hard each competitor was fighting. Towards the end, this contest started to feel extremely intense. We don’t get to see many matches like this regularly (at least not on TV). I’ll admit, I was marking out like a kid when thought there was a chance of Ziggler winning.

Roman didn’t exactly get the big return pop, but he was utilized very well in the post match beat down. Somehow, these Hunter-Reigns brawls top the previous one every time. If the WWE can keep on doing these for the next two Raws, I’m sure they’ll have everybody hooked.

Chris Jericho vs Neville

By forcing Jericho and Neville to follow the Hunter-Reigns brawl, their match didn’t click as well as it should have. Don’t get me wrong, Jericho did his best to gain heat, but they were just given a difficult task. The segment itself came to life when AJ made his way out to attack Y2J.

Closing Segment

Vince did well by being scared of the Undertaker. There’s no way that Taker should be acting as a henchman for Vince. I enjoyed the back and forth between Shane and the deadman. One thing they didn’t need to do was get physical. Shane’s offence was less convincing than it was last week. Also, how is he able to keep up with Taker (in a kayfabe perspective). Within the past year Taker has been in grueling feuds with Brock Lesnar and Bray Wyatt, am I supposed to think that McMahon is on their level. The more I see of this angle, the more I start to dislike what they’re doing with it.

To all my readers, please leave your feed back on this feud. I’d really like to know if it’s just me that’s not getting it.


When it comes to flow, this show had it all. We were never subjected to multiple matches in a row, but instead were given a good balance. Thats what every show needs to be like. Watching matches and promos alternate are a great way of keeping the attention of viewers. It also helped that most of these matches/promos were entertaining .For me, this didn’t feel like three hours. The low point of the show was the closing segment, while the high point was the Triple H/Roman Reigns brawl. If it wasn’t for the last promo, I’d rate this show much higher. My final grade is a 8/10.


2 thoughts on “Raw Rollup – Vince is Booty Edition (Mar.15)

  1. As a show I agreed with you, we even got the same scores :P. In the ring it was way different. HHH vs. Dolph was awesome. New Day vs. LON was a close second. Everything else was weak in the ring.

    Neville getting injured took him out of a Wrestlemania chance. Although I think Sami vs. Owens is enough, it looks like they want to make it a multi person match with Miz being involved. At least they are exploring that option. Usually those are the only places we seem to see Tyler Breeze.

    Promo-wise it was a great show.

    To answer your question on the Shane/Taker feud is looking weak. His return was awesome and I think the promos are fine (not great), but the moment you see Shane throwing punches the feud dies.

    I see all his videos of him training etc. but I see none of that in the ring. Not even against security. Yesterday it was even worse as Taker is way bigger.

    I think that it would have been better if Shane used a representative as Vince did. Too late to go back on that.

    Shane needs to win, but I can’t see how. I still expect a good match that could steal the show assuming Shane can still pull off those crazy spots. But it’ll be hard to digest seeing Taker not manhandling him the whole match.

    Only way I can see Taker losing is if he wants to lose to screw Vince and I think they kind of hinted that as Shane was playing with Taker’s mind there.

    We’ll see.


    1. I agree, the in ring wasn’t strong, but the show was meant to be about furthering stories. So I didn’t mind the lack of work rate. For Mania, Owens and Zayn is enough. The two have a natural chemistry, and can carry a feud.

      You hit the nail on the head with Shane and Taker. I’m actually planning on expanding my thoughts for that feud for my opinion piece this week. It’s different when Shane is just throwing punches against a training buddy. Sometimes it doesn’t translate well in the ring. Based on Taker’s reaction to Shane last night, him taking Shane’s side in the match would almost make no sense.

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