Black and Blue – Toilet Paper Edition (Mar.11)


Smackdown this week started off rather strong, and started to dwindle towards the end. Some of recaps became tedious, and those segments could have been used for something else. Nonetheless, it was still a fun show.

Opening Segment – Miz TV

I love Miz TV segments. Hardly ever do they disappoint. I think it’s fair to say that most of the segments further a decent amount of story line. Also, it gives the Miz a chance to showcase his character.

If you follow NXT (and ROH), you’ll understand why the Zayn-Owens feud is such a big deal. Their chemistry is visible in both promos and matches. This program isn’t even a week old, yet this promo felt very intense. I’m glad that the WWE didn’t make this into something brand new. It was a smart idea to make it a grudge match, as that will intrigue fans. Based on the way this segment ended, it seems as if we’re headed for a multi-man match for the IC title.

Sami Zayn & Neville vs Kevin Owens & The Miz

Considering how Miz TV finished, a tag match was foreseeable. We’ve seen Neville, Owens, and The Miz in matches together, but Zayn’s addition made everything feel fresh. Ranallo deserves a lot of credit for consistently putting Sami over. It’s his job as a commentator to ensure that the fans at home begin to care for the newest competitor on the main roster . I just wish they touched upon the fact that Neville and Zayn had a great feud in December of 2014. If they’re going to talk about everything else that was done in NXT, why did the announce team fail to mention that feud. Overall, this was a great way to open up the show.

Brie Bella vs Summer Rae

I didn’t expect much, but this turned out to be better than their match on Raw. The Lana-Bella feud may not be the most interesting, however, the WWE has stayed consistent with it. It’s also not the worst thing on television, so I’m still interested in seeing how this plays out. I just can’t picture them being on the main card for Mania.

Chris Jericho Promo

I noticed that a fan in the crowd had a Y2AJ sign. Why? The tag team had broken up on Monday, it’s not like they were going to discontinue the angle for Smackdown. If I recall correctly, Jericho hasn’t been a heel since his feud with CM Punk back in 2012. His turn was a much welcomed change. Chris has always thrived as a heel, and he reminded us why. I thought his promo had great reasoning and story telling. Like the commentators said, he was proving a point, and his character’s motivation translated well on screen. It was done well enough, that I can’t wait to see what AJ’s response will be. The burning shirt was a great touch.

Lucha Dragons vs The League of Nations

Why hasn’t the WWE figured out that being in a tag team is not a good fit for Kalisto. No disrespect to Sin Cara, but his presence brings down Kalisto’s stock. I thought the LON stood out well in this contest. They wrestled in sync, along with expressing humour. Does anybody know if they actually started a wave? Apart from those antics, I had no interest in seeing how this match turned out.

The Usos, Dolph Ziggler, & Dean Ambrose vs The Wyatt Family

While every other match on this show had some sort of story line attached to it, this one didn’t. In fact, it was quite random. I guess one can say that Dean Ambrose has a beef with the Wyatt Family. At least that pre match backstage interview allowed for the babyfaces to make a comment about their on going feuds.

It was quite noticeable how much of spotlight was put on Ambrose. He looked like the top guy during his entrance, and throughout the match. If you didn’t notice, he was actually the top attraction for this show. For those that think the WWE doesn’t see anything in him, think again. To an extent, they’re aware of his ability to carry a show. This match itself was built just to make Dean look stronger heading into Roadblock. They made it a point to have him stand tall as the show went off the air. That was probably the best way to leave fans excited for his match on Saturday against Hunter.

I can’t say this match had my eyes glued to the screen. Mauro did his best to make it seem important, but I couldn’t buy it.


I thought this episode was a decent follow up to this week’s Raw. They touched on a few points, which actually furthered certain plots. However, they still left other stories off the show. I’m guessing the other half of the roster was wrestling a house show. The low point of the show was the Lucha Dragons vs LON, while the high point was Miz TV. Overall, I give this episode of Smackdown a 7/10.

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