Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – The Significance of Network Specials (Mar.9)


After this Saturday, the WWE will have completed it’s third official network special. As a fan, I’ve tuned into every single one that’s been produced. Up to this point, the most memorable one has definitely been the Beast in the East. That’s probably because I woke up at 5 AM just to review it. Assuming nothing significant happens on this show, I’m willing to state that these shows don’t amount to anything. Of course fans that have the network will tune in, but the WWE shouldn’t be so lazy with these events. While they’re technically glorified house shows, the company promotes them as mini PPVs. It’s time they start treating them as such.

I can understand them booking throwaway matches on these card, as long as there’s something of importance. Since the WWE has held these events on the Network, we’ve only witnessed one important contest, and that was Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor. In fact, that match made Beast in the East feel more special than it truly was. That title change was a pivotal moment in their feud, as it would lead to another match at Takeover.  When I look back to the Madison Square Garden special, there was nothing unique about it. It was actually similar to the house show that occurred in Toronto back in September (excluding Lesnar vs Big Show). What’s the point of even broadcasting these events if they don’t carry any essential story progression? With WWE Roadblock only three days away, they have a chance to seriously make an impact with two feuds. If done properly, the average fan can view these network specials as something more attractive than an average show.

Dash & Dawson vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

If you’re a big fan of NXT and hate spoilers, I recommend you stop reading this right now.

Some of us already know that Enzo and Cass will not be involved in the tag team title match for Takeover:Dallas. This can be disputed as terrible booking, or hesitance from the NXT booking staff. With Enzo and Cass being so popular amongst the average NXT fan, why even hold this contest? They had already lost their match at Takeover:London, so it doesn’t make sense to see them lose here. It would do nothing but ruin the teams image .With that being said, I haven’t actually seen any of the upcoming tapings for future NXT episodes. If the company is smart, they would kept the tag team title program vague. If they did anything remotely close to this, they should most definitely welcome a title change. Enzo and Cass have spent a long time getting themselves over with the crowd, and it would be a complete shame if they never held the NXT tag team titles. At least that could create a three way tag team match at Takeover. The only way I could justify a loss for them is if this match was their informal debut to the main roster. They may not carry the in ring skill, but they have nothing left to do in NXT if they lose.

Triple H vs Dean Ambrose

Since last week, many people have been asking me if the title will change hands. My honest is that I don’t know. Hunter seems like the logical choice, however my inner mark is hoping Dean can pull off the upset victory. Would a title change make sense at this point? Maybe not, but it would make this bland road to Mania much more interesting. At this point, the WWE has lost so many performers to injury, that they must purely focus on the story to sell Mania. They’ve done that perfectly with Shane McMahon vs Undertaker and Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar, although they haven’t done it for the main title feud. While I enjoy Roman Reigns, his build towards the Mania main event is looking weaker than last year’s. Throwing a wrench into the current plans may not be the worst thing to happen. If anything, they’d see a serious increase in ratings come next Monday. If Ambrose were to capture the title, they could easily reformat the main event into a fatal four way. That option would also take out a match, so they can also work a tournament style, similar to Vengeance 2001.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments on WWE Roadblock.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – The Significance of Network Specials (Mar.9)

  1. While the card isn’t fulled out, this is the PPV Fastlane should have been, Just with Roman in the Lesnar v Bray for the No 1 Contender (storyline would have been easy as they seeded something at the rumble with Bray and Brock). Triple H should have squashed someone at PPV (for mind that could have either Neville, Titus or Tyler Breezes) but Ambrose in that place would have worked

    I think the problem is now we are getting reminded of potential Dean Ambrose winning the triple threat Fast Lane and what could have been, with Dean hitting the promos out of the park (imo) its going to make it neither impossible for Roman not to get boo with his promos leading in Mania. Mind you I am seeing Roman going heel at Mania

    The cross over with NXT on these special could be a great thing. My question is why highlight the tag team championship of both Brands? (whats your opinion on this?)
    A women match or even the Balor vs Neville match could have been used in this spot.

    I am thinking we are going to see the Dudleys run in on Enzo and Cass, To me having players pull wrestlers up onto the main roster is a awesome way to go. I am thinking on Cena’s open challenge last year, ultimately we the KO Matches but the Neville Debut and the Zayn match (feel sorry he was injured for that). If they are going to pull someone up they shouldn’t run double duty on the PPV weekend, especially the Mania weekend, cause now Zayn has to go over Nakamura to keep him strong for the Mania match

    But i think the major question that will still remain unanswered is why is Taker fighting for Vince, even as doing something as lame as Vince having the Urn would be enough


    1. I don’t mind them highlighting both tag team titles. However I do agree with you on what they could have put in that place. If they’re showcasing NXT, why not give us the best of the brand. They could have easily done Joe vs Zayn at that special. The implications of that match alone would have made the event more special.

      If they plan on calling Enzo and Cass to the main roster, I think having them feud with the Dudleys would be awesome. It would be a good way to get them over instantly.


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