Black and Blue – 5 Second Plan Edition (Mar.4)


This wasn’t an extravagant episode of Smackdown, but it did the trick in terms of entertainment. Along with that, a few programs were furthered. There’s not much more you can ask for.

Opening Segment

After watching this promo, I can see why the WWE is giving Ambrose a slight push. His characteristics are universally liked, so it’s easy to get behind him. He definitely appeals to kids with his natural rebellious attitude .I personally liked how this promo was built to address Monday and the main event for this show. With that being said, I didn’t care to watch another Ambrose vs Owens match. This only tells me that there still isn’t a direction for KO.

The Usos vs Sheamus & Rusev

Can you believe the League of Nations theme song has been stuck in my head for the past few days? After a while, it becomes catchy. I know I’ve been critical of the LON lately, but I actually enjoyed them in this tag match. It was a simple and classic heel team vs babyface team. All competitors played their roles well. There’s no doubt that this was the perfect match for each duo. I’d like to point out that Rusev specifically was brilliant in this contest. His in ring psychology was perfect as he stayed serious while sneaking in some humour. The outcome was fine by me, as nobody left this match looking bad. The Usos lost because of outside distraction, while the LON won because of their numbers advantage.

I’m glad that the match didn’t just end after the bell rang. The Dudleys post match beat down was a nice touch. It’s a simple way of progressing the feud. I’m very impressed with how solid this program has been so far.

The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

Just yesterday, I caught up with Supernatural. The Miz was a guest star on their most recent episode, which was pro wrestling themed. I must admit, he was pretty good in the role he played.

The way the announcers continued to talk about the Miz’s victory on Raw, the outcome for this match was quite obvious. While the idea behind it is humorous, I’d like to see the two interact with more promo work.

Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Based on the stakes of this match, I highly believe this could have gone on last. Considering the finish, and the announcement of a triple threat, it would have been a perfect main event. It also helps that the crowd is fully behind both competitors.

Initially, I wasn’t too excited for the wrestling aspect of this match. However, these two amazed me with how fresh they can keep their in ring chemistry. While I had an idea of the outcome, I was still on edge with the many near falls. The emotion was also well sold by both competitors. They did a great job at showcasing this as their most important match. I liked how Charlotte was the reason this match ended. The actions fit her character perfectly. She looked strong after the match, but foolish after hearing the triple threat announcement.


Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles

When I discovered that Kofi would wrestle AJ, I was excited to say the least. Both men wrestle a very fast pace, so it would only be natural for them to mesh. Even though the two didn’t compete for long, they made the most of it and delivered. The spot of the match was Kofi’s solo stampede, simply because of the humour behind it. I am quite surprised that the New Day didn’t interfere to get Kingston disqualified. It would have left them looking stronger for Raw. Along with that, I was expecting AJ to win with the calf crusher. I liked how he won with his signature elbow. That shows the fans every move in his arsenal is dangerous. I think more wrestlers should win in that fashion.

Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose

Yes, the two work well together, there’s no denying that, although they didn’t need to book this match. The two have already competed many times within the past few months. This match did more harm to Owens than Ambrose. Considering how Owens didn’t pick up the win, it makes him look weaker heading into his next program (assuming he has one). Of course, the in ring work was great, but it just failed to peak my interest. I’ll give credit to Mauro Ranallo for selling this match like it was their most intense.


Based on how flat Raw was, this show was a good rebound show. It wasn’t over the top, yet it was enough to keep viewers entertained. It was also enough to get me excited for next Monday. The low point of the show was main event, while the high point was Sasha vs Becky. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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