One to the NXT One – Eye for an Eye Edition (Mar.3)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

For their last show at CFE Arena, I was quite impressed. They managed to keep everything simple, while progressing character development.

The Vaudevillians vs Hugo Knox & Tucker Knight

I’d like to acknowledge that Tucker Knight looked like a replica of Bull Dempsey. Why even release Dempsey in that case?

The opponents for the Vaudevillians were the perfect team to make them look good. Tucker & Knox were much larger, so the Vaudevillians victory came across as a bigger deal. I’ve been bored of them ever since they made a heel turn, but they were captivating in this match. Hopefully their feud against the Hype Bros can turn into something interesting. The announcers deserve an applaud for building that future program.

Emma vs Santana Garrett

I can’t be the only one that noticed how Garrett’s theme sounded exactly like Emma’s. Whoever’s working on these NXT theme needs to get more creative. Theme’s should never sound that noticeably similar.

I’m glad to see that the WWE brought Garrett back for another match. She’s great in the ring and as a veteran she can help out many of the other women in NXT. Emma and Garrett worked well together, but with the lack of context, it was dull at times. Thankfully, Dana Brooke was there to keep this entertaining with her presence at ring side.

Austin Aries Arrival

You don’t have to be a diehard TNA fan to know who Aries is. I’d consider his acquisition to be a fairly big deal. While Austin didn’t do much, the star of this segment was Baron Corbin. He had clear motivations for this attack, and his Takeover program is now set. Throwing the shirt in Regal’s face was a nice touch.

Steve Cutler vs Elias Samson

They have something unique with Samson’s character, however it just hasn’t been executed right. I can’t quite get my finger on it. At times he’s portrayed as someone who poses as a “drifter”, and that’s not helping him get over. If anything, that just makes his character more confusing .All I know is that I don’t care to see Elias on my TV screen.

Neville vs Finn Balor

It was interesting to see Neville back in NXT as someone part of the main roster. At one point he held the title and was on top of the food chain. Standing next to Balor, he clearly wasn’t a threat, although the promotion of this match helped his cause .If they didn’t spend the entire show hyping this contest, it would have made Neville look a lot worse. Also, the announcers were smart to bring up Neville’s many accomplishments in NXT.

These two have wrestled a few times, and their chemistry is always evident. I think it has to do with the styles each man wrestles. Balor’s hybrid style allows for him to work well with high flyers such as Neville. This gave Balor the chance to work a back and forth contest. Normally for his TV matches, we have to watch him get beaten down, then make a come back at the end. The spot of the match was Neville’s quick german suplex, because it was executed so quickly and fluidly. That takes great timing from both competitors. Overall, this was a brilliant main event. I wasn’t expecting either star to perform as hard as they did.


Why do they continue to use interview segments after the show? They can easily insert it before the main event.

I thought this was a simple, yet effective show. The use of a promo in the ring was a solid way to give the viewers a break. Also, it allowed for the show to flow much smoother. The producers at NXT should consider using more in ring promos than they currently do. The low point of the show was Samson vs Cutler, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 7.6/10.




2 thoughts on “One to the NXT One – Eye for an Eye Edition (Mar.3)

  1. I think they will be glad to get away from the crowd at CFE Arena. They didn’t seem to be into the product the same as the Full Sail Crowd. Whether that is the bigger arena or the feel (lights) being different I think it showed why some of the wrestlers there won’t make it on the main roster, lost in front of big crowds

    Do you know if they will be returning there?


    1. I very much agree with you. These past few shows haven’t carried the same aura as the Full Sail Ones. I think the smaller venue gives it that charm. Last thing they want is it to feel like WWE-lite. I don’t see them returning anytime soon. They may just like knowing how the show is in different venues.


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