On to the NXT One (Feb.25)

nxt main event'

Honestly, if you really wanted to watch this show, I’d recommend just watching the first and last match. Other than those tow parts, there was nothing of significance. Even the build for the number one contender match was lackluster. This episode felt so bland, that I couldn’t even choose a worthy quote for the title.

American Alpha vs Blake & Murphy

For those of you that read my NXT reviews often, you’ll know that I can’t stand Blake & Murphy. However, I was somehow excited for this opening match. I think it was because I knew this would be a big victory for American Alpha. Blake & Murphy have still been showcased as a strong team on NXT television, so it’s somewhat of a big deal when they lose. The stand out of this match was Chad Gable, as usual. This wasn’t a great spectacle, but it was great as a show opener.

Apollo Crews vs Christopher Gerard 

The second I saw Apollo’s opponent, I knew this would be nothing more than an enhancement match. For those of you that can remember, Apollo had cut a promo a few weeks ago about changing himself. Well, I didn’t see anything new. I was actually expecting to some sort of personality change. Crews has a great in ring presence, but he now needs more personality.

Bull Dempsey vs Tomasso Ciampa

Was Bull Dempsey supposed to be the heel? Corey Graves couldn’t stop raving about his Bull Fit movement. This was actually Dempsey’s last match on NXT television, before he was released. Ciampa has gotten lost in the shuffle, although I thought this was a good spot for him for the episode. He wrestled a comedy character, but never became one. That alone shows how intense he can be. I must also applaud how he sold the size difference between him and Bull.

Nia Jax & Eva Marie vs Carmella & Bayley

This television program has been done very well within two weeks. It wasn’t for anything important, but this felt just as exciting as last week’s main event.

Going into this contest, I was not expecting something of brilliance. Considering that Bayley is the best technical wrestler out of the four, she had to carry much of the load. It is worth noting that watching Carmella wrestle Nia was pretty entertaining. The two had the biggest size difference between them, and it translated well in the ring. Also, I really liked how Nia was used in the finish. By the use of her superior strength, she completely dictated the outcome. That was easily the best she’s ever been booked. Even though the heels picked up the win, I don’t think mini feud is completely over. If anything, Carmella may be the one to deliver their comeuppance.


Apart from the opening and closing of this show, there was nothing to care about. I know NXT does a lot more backstage segments to push feuds, but on episodes like this, an in ring promo would be helpful. Instead of having Zayn and Joe give their thoughts to a camera, let’s see them get into an argument in front of the fans. The low point of this show was Crews vs Gerard, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 5.6/10.




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