On to the NXT One – “What is he raging about?” Edition (Feb.18)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

I couldn’t believe how flat this entire show was. Even though I was looking forward to the main event, this show found a way to become a let down.

Enzo Amore, Big Cass & American Alpha vs Blake, Murphy, Dash, & Dawson

There’s no doubt that this match was scheduled because they were at a different venue. I’m guessing that the bookers wanted every wrestler to be showcased. Before the match could start, I set my expectations low. It helped that the crowd was really into the babyface team, as it made it easier for me to watch. Along with this, the babyfaces took full advantage of how over they were, especially with the finishing sequence. Did the match need to be as long as it was? Definitely not. There was a point where I zoned out.

Deonna Purrazo vs Asuka

Deonna did such a good job at winning me over with her happy go lucky backstage interview, but I knew her fate once they announced her opponent.

The opening of this match was rather lame, since it was Asuka selling for her rookie opponent. Once the roles reversed, this match became a lot more entertaining. One thing I know for sure is that watching Asuka squash opponents will never get old.

Tye Dillinger vs Alex Riley

So I’m more than confident that Riley is a babyface. The hate from Corey Graves was stronger than it was in his last match. To be honest, I decided to mess around on my phone during this match, and I was shocked when I heard Dillinger’s music play. While it came out of nowhere, I can’t say I actually cared once the match was over.

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn 

I’ve taken the liberty to look at the Takeover:Dallas card, so I already know how this feud will turn out. However, I didn’t take a look at week by week spoilers, so the finish of the match caught me off guard. Funny enough, I thought I was about to watch a great match while knowing the outcome. That’s one of the great things about pro wrestling, no matter how predictable it is, you can still be swerved.

In terms of the match, it took a while for me to buy in, because it took some time for them to pick up the pace. I have to applaud the crowd for continuing to chant, even when both men would only exchange strikes. With that being said, I almost jumped out of my seat when Zayn executed the blue thunder bomb. Apart from that, the actual wrestling component of the match fell completely flat. I did find the finish to be a neat idea, simply because the WWE doesn’t often use the double pin. It was quite obvious that the crowd wasn’t in favour of this outcome. There wasn’t any reaction, and I heard a few “we want wrestling” chants. With all those theories of the WWE piping in crowd noise for Smackdown, why wouldn’t they use it here? It would have benefited this episode, as it did feel anticlimactic (even though I liked the decision).


This was not one of the better episodes NXT has delivered this year. Other than the main event, nothing else was done with much context. I highly believe they could have been more creative. The low point of the show was Dillinger vs Riley, while the high point was Purrazo vs Asuka. Overall, this episode deserves a 4/10.


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