Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – It’s Never THAT Bad (Feb.3)


Last night I was given the privilege of watching my Ottawa Senators drop their second straight game to the Pittsburgh Penguins. With the race for the wild card spots being tight in the Eastern Conference, this loss was extremely frustrating. Eventually I began to think about the times wrestling may have gotten me this frustrated, and oddly enough, I couldn’t think of anything. When watching your team slowly fade away in the standings, there’s nothing you can do, but I can’t say the same thing for wrestling. For this week’s WWA, I was planning on discussing a potential match involving the Rock and the New Day, however I’d like to discuss why wrestling will never be as bad as some fans make it out to be. Simply as an angry sports fan, I believe I can put negativity towards the wrestling in a different perspective. 

Before I continue this rant, I’d like for my readers to know that I’m more emotionally invested in professional wrestling than I am hockey. There’s a reason I blog on the WWE and not the NHL. However, I’m aware this post may resonate more with wrestling fans that are also fans of other professional sports.

After the WWE screwed up the 2015 Royal Rumble, or even the 2015 Survivor Series, I was extremely upset with their booking decisions. At the same time, I never entirely lost hope, because decisions like this can be changed very quickly. I don’t think I can say that for the Sens. If this team stays at .500 (50/50 booking for you wrestling fans) pace for the season, it’s almost certain nothing will change, barring a miracle run. With wrestling, all they have to do is stop booking in certain ways, maybe throw in a surprise or two. The day after the 2015 Royal Rumble, can’t it be argued that the WWE found a way to intrigue fans on the idea of Roman vs Brock? Not just that, they were able to book an awesome feud between Reigns and Bryan leading into the event. 

Sure, most hardcore fans hated the idea of Roman winning at Wrestlemania 31, but guess what? It never happened. Same can be said about Randy Orton and Batista headling Wrestlemania 30 in a singles match. We hate so many of the booking decisions this company makes, yet there’s many occasions where they actually listen to us. My favourite hockey team lacks quite a bit on defense, and while they can do something about, they choose not to. After thinking about this, it made me appreciate wrestling a lot more. The Sens aren’t the only team in professional sports that stick to a losing formula, it can be seen all over. If you’re a fan of the Maple Leafs, you’re probably very familiar with what I’m talking about. We may criticize the WWE for it’s lack of originality at times, but they do try to change more often than less.

While I am ranting about my frustration with a hockey team I follow, I also trying to show fans how I can always turn to wrestling to cheer me up. Usually I can allow a wrestling show or match to entertain me. While I’m critical, I don’t ever to worry about any wrestling product falling into a deep abyss (unless you follow TNA), like many of our favourite sports teams. For the most part, I know if I’m not satisfied from the product on television, they’ll most likely listen to me complaining online.

This may not be the most insightful post I’ve done, but I felt like sharing something that was more personal. After all, if you’re reading this, wrestling is personal to you as well, and I’m hoping you’ve found a way to relate to my post.I came to the conclusion that no matter how bad the booking can get, professional wrestling will never get that bad .However, if you’re a fan of the New England Patriots, San Antonio Spurs, or Chicago Blackhawks, your opinion on this article might be reversed.

I’m aware that I’m limiting my examples to WWE and a small market NHL team, but if you mainly follow ROH or NJPW, chances are that you’re happier on a regular basis. Those two promotions tend to book their shows with simplicity and logic, which would keep any fans happy.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – It’s Never THAT Bad (Feb.3)

  1. I think they’ve done a pretty good job, just not enough of it. Focusing only in the main event is what got us here. Recycling title shots between a handful of super stars doesn’t build options. Specially when all of them go down with injuries.

    I was excited when they elevated the Intercontinental and U.S. titles but worried at the same time as they brought it to the same circle of contenders.

    Right now this is the average show:

    1) A Solid main event.
    2) A solid match (usually Owens/Dolph/AJ Styles).
    3) Lots of average or worst matches without any history and short time.

    A good story can bump those in #3 a point or two. That and enough time to perform.

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    1. I’m 100% sure all feuds will be good to go by Mania. I can’t really think of one where they disappointed.

      It would be great to see them hand the US title or IC title to a top contender.


      1. I agree with your idea. Here i was thinking how could we make it better, how could we make it special. i guess that where fandom/smarks and things like What Culture gets their time of the day. We all like to think how it should be but don’t have the experience of being in a place to make a difference. It entertains us and part of that is we feel we can have ownership of the direction of the product more so than professional sport. You support your hockey/football team and hope they are the team at the top (because someone has to be at the top of the ladder and someone at the bottom) but in that you invest yourself in the players, which at a drop of a hat can sign a contract to play with someone else or have your team get involved in a supplement scheme that ends the careers of the players involved and stop the development of the whole team in general or have your player have hidden contracts to retain players at the club with illegal payment to break the salary cap (both happened to my teams in different codes. Whether as the characters you buy into in the WWE are the best in the craft and in the end of the day you want to be entertained

        I think we buy into the concepts in NXT because we can imagine what it going to be when its larger than life. But i think that comes at a cost because back in the attitude era the IC title and European Belts was where wrestlers cut there teeth and made names for themselves but there characters are established by the time they get to that belt now.

        I would like them to use the secondary No. 1 Contender idea feud more often instead (not as the main event of the PPV instead of a champion match but as an undercard match (seriously have Trips fight a Neville or a Titus in a your good but not good enough yet match)) rather than having wrestlers fall back to the IC or US title

        What if they gave Superstars a belt, the TV title or middleweight title and at the moment have Social outcast dominate that show while having them job on the big shows.

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      2. Well said, Barry. Many times we don’t appreciate how much the WWE (and other wrestling promotions) do to appease fans. I have zero control over how the Ottawa Senators manage their roster, but I do have a say in who should be on TV for the WWE and others.

        There was a time where the number one contender feud was more common. These days it’s seem more based on personal feuds. Like how did Ambrose continue to get title matches against Rollins after losing multiple times?


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