Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Sky’s the Limit for Dean Ambrose (Jan.27)


Within the past year, Dean Ambrose has come insanely close to winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At one point, he actually stole the belt, which gave fans a preview of what his reign look like. Unfortunately, the Lunatic Fringe has yet to win the prestigious title. We’re now on the road to Wrestlemania, where Ambrose has another chance to insert himself into a WWEWHC title match, but can he finally pull out the big victory?

Fastlane Main Event

It was announced on Raw that Ambrose, Reigns, and Lesnar would compete in a triple threat match to crown a new number one contender for the WWEWHC. Based on Brock’s current feud with the Wyatt’s, we can eliminate him from the equation. The beast is simply there to help sell tickets and sell WWE Network subscriptions. Also, I don’t think the fans need to see Lesnar-Hunter 4 at the main event of Wrestlemania.

That leaves this match down to Reigns and Ambrose, where one of them will be eating the clean pin to move on. If I was betting man, I’d put my money on Roman to emerge victorious and receive his much anticipated match with Triple H at Wrestlemania. However, this is the WWE’s chance to give Roman some character development, while pulling the trigger on an Ambrose push. We’ve seen Reigns beat his best friend clean at Survivor Series, so do we need to see it again? Dean would be an unpredictable winner, but it would still make sense, as he also has a feud with the Authority.

Road to Wrestlemania

Roman Reigns is over, and there’s no denying that. Yes, there is a group of hardcore fans that despise his presence, but he generates more good reactions than bad. The only unfortunate part for the WWE is that the fans who despise him are the ones that purchase tickets to their biggest events (Mania, Rumble, etc.). After spending a full year on getting most fans to accept him as the top babyface, is it wise to just throw him in a match with Triple H and go over? This is where Dean Ambrose comes in. He might not be the WWE’s chosen one, but he’s definitely gotten over with more crowds than Roman.

Of course Roman still needs to be in the title picture, so why not have him invoke his rematch against Hunter after Fastlane? I know you may think he’ll only receive a negative reaction, but I see it as another way to develop his character. By doing this, we’ll see that Roman needs to make the title his first priority, and distance himself from his Shield brother. One of these days, the two will need to be separated, and there’s no better way than to do it over the title. Obviously all of this can culminate into the WWE building another main event star in Dean. Right now, Roman’s on top of the mountain by himself, and he needs some company. Giving Ambrose a run for the road to Wrestlemania and after could highly benefit him, Reigns, and the company.

As beaten down as this statement may be, it fits perfectly for this situation: This will allow for Roman to turn heel.


Like I said, if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Reigns winning at Fastlane, which will lead to Hunter vs Reigns at Mania. With that being said, the WWE has the potential to create a story for the long term with an Ambrose win. The company has shown they prefer pleasing themselves for the short term, but maybe it’s time that mentality change. We’re entering a new generation, and it should be built around more than just one wrestler.


8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Sky’s the Limit for Dean Ambrose (Jan.27)

  1. Kind of agree, but with Ambrose holding the Intercontinental belt it almost instantly removes the possibility of him winning. Unless he loses the title early in the PPV.

    So far Fastlane is looking really weak to me. Already no Intercontinental or Heavyweight titles on the line unless Ambrose is doing double duty.

    I’m not looking forward to HHH vs. Reigns. It’s an OK feud that could have been done without the title involved.

    I didn’t like at all Reigns taking that huge rest break when he was “injured” early on the Rumble Match. I literally rolled my eyes and I believe most of fans did. I was so happy, as many others, when he was tossed out of the ring. I’m OK with HHH as champ, but was expecting a title defense in Fastlane. It’s more than obvious that the title will change hands in WM.

    WWE had a chance of doing amazing things in the Rumble, they just did average. I’m just glad that they opened many feud opportunities with even Bray Wyatt attacking HHH. I guess plans B and C if Reigns vs. HHH is not well received.

    Newsflash, no one wanted that, but HHH started strong with his promo on Monday. Only Bray vs. Lesnar and AJ Styles vs. Owens could give live to either or both PPVs.


    1. 100% agree with you! Hunter-Reigns did not need the title. It could have been better utilized with Brock and Bray.

      I don’t understand why they just didn’t roll him out on a stretcher. It would have sold the beat down from the League of Nations and it would have made the crowd sympathize with Roman.

      Regardless of all this, the main event at Fastlane should be fun.


      1. Well they did, but he refused and wanted to walk on his own. It was just obvious he would return. They were booing him again when he returned, did you notice? People went nuts when HHH threw him over the rope. That should tell you a lot right there.


  2. I’m not a big Ambrose fan. He does manage the crowds way better than Roman and has a bit more variety in the ring, but don’t consider him Heavyweight title material. Under the current circumstances, it might be enough.

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