Royal Rumble Predictions (Jan.24)

wwe royal rumble

My Rumble predictions are officially out! I hope everybody is excited for the January classic, as I’m counting down the hours. Feel free to let me know your thoughts and predictions.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch (Divas Championship)

The booking staff have done a marvelous job at making this feud feel important. They have managed to create a likable babyface and a dispicable heel, which always works. Both competitors are entering this match with a ton of steam, and I believe choosing a winner is tough. With that being said, my gut feeling is that Becky Lynch goes over. Charlotte has weaseled her way out of two matches against the Lass Kicker, and I’m sure the fans want to see her humbled. Also, Flair has already established herself as a top player in the division, maybe it’s time for Lynch to be escalated up there as well.
The New Day vs The Usos (Tag Team Championships)
Don’t fix what isn’t broken. It doesn’t make a ton of sense for the New Day to drop their titles, because they’ve done nothing but make the titles important. I enjoy the Usos, but the New Day is just too strong of an act to lose. Expect them to drop the titles at Mania.
Alberto Del Rio vs Kalisto (US Championship)
The fans love Kalisto, and the WWE is highly aware of this. With that knowledge, I believe they’ll hold off on his big victory over a top guy until Mania. Del Rio will win, but with the help of the League of Nations. However, Kalisto will still look strong in his defeat.
Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose (IC Championship)
I had a tough time figuring out who would leave this match as the champion. After a lot of thinking, I predict that Dean Ambrose will retain his title. While Ambrose is a top star, I believe he needs that championship more than Owens. Plus, a loss for Owens wouldn’t be too damaging. As long as he can win his next high profile feud, he should be okay.
Royal Rumble (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)
Honestly, this might be the most anticipated Royal Rumble in years. The previous two have failed in the eyes of fans, while the ones before that were too bland. This year, we’re seeing the title on the line for the first time since 1992, and there are a couple of favourites to win. As of now, many fans have pegged Triple H as the winner, but I’ll disagree. Hunter will be in the match, but only to cost Roman the title, he doesn’t need to win it. That feud will be big on it’s own, so the title shouldn’t be involved. Based on how this past week has played out, I predict that Bray Wyatt will emerge as the new champion. Along with this, I predict he’ll officially begin his feud with Brock Lesnar. This is a great time for the WWE to give a big push to one of their top guys other than Reigns, and who better than Bray? He’s proven he can handle himself with the best, so I have confidence he can carry the role of top heel.
In terms of surprise appearances I predict we’ll see both AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. AJ will look strong in his debut, and will likely set up his Mania program through this match. Daniel Bryan has been all over social media and internet rumours, which may be the WWE’s way of teasing fans for his return.

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