Black and Blue – “Confucius never said that” (Jan.21)


Opening Segment

Jericho and New Day have taken a two week break from each other, so this was the perfect time to get them back together. I was honestly expecting Reigns to make his way out, but I was happy with what we got. This segment didn’t exactly go anywhere, but I was quite entertained.

The Usos & Dolph Ziggler vs The New Day

After missing Raw, I had completely forgotten about Dolph Ziggler. The face paint on Dolph was a nice touch though. Considering that the Usos are competing for the tag titles on Sunday, I thought this match was overkill. After this, there’s nothing special about seeing the two teams compete. They should have booked Ziggler to wrestle a New Day member, with the Usos at ringside. Also, this match was too long.

Becky Lynch vs Alicia Fox

Well, at least Becky Lynch was able to go a full week without wrestling Brie Bella. The match itself was mediocre, but I highly enjoyed Ric Flair on commentary. The Nature Boy did a brilliant job at gaining heat for himself as a heel manager. Along with that, he made me want to cheer for Becky, and against Charlotte.

Miz TV w/Dean Ambrose & Kevin Owens

I’m glad they gave this segment to Ambrose and Owens, because they haven’t had much time to battle on the mic. Dean definitely made the most of his mic time by walking around the ring and giving each part a different name. It was effective because it was a creative way to recap their great feud. I absolutely loved the passion from Owens, as it made the IC Title feel much more important. The brawl worked, and I’m pumped for their encounter on Sunday.

Bray Wyatt vs Ryback 

I don’t know why, but I was thinking about their uneventful encounter back in May earlier this week. The two were actually quite good in this match up; they were solid at keeping the crowd hooked. A win still gives Wyatt some momentum, however a clean would have done much more. To me this came across as Bray not being able to win a match without help. I guess we’re supposed to remember that the numbers game will always be in Bray’s favour.

Stardust vs Titus O’Neil

I didn’t care for this match. One contest between the two was enough for me.

Roman Reigns vs The League of Nations

I went into this match thinking that Roman would squash all of these men on his own, but I was pleasantly surprised with how everything went. A few weeks ago we witnessed Reigns defeat the entire League of Nations via count out, and I’m glad they decided to not replicate that finish. The early part of the match was decent, and it progressively became better. Having Wyatt end the show was a wise decision, because now there is solid favourite to win, apart from Reigns and Lesnar.


Even though there was parts of the show I didn’t enjoy, this episode did a swell job at pushing the Royal Rumble. They outlined why the event is a must see show, and showcased every main feud. I can confidently say it left me more excited than I already was for the Rumble. The low point of the show was Titus vs Stardust, while the high point was Miz TV. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.


5 thoughts on “Black and Blue – “Confucius never said that” (Jan.21)

  1. Great show, screwed by the Titus/Startdust match. That match dropped one point at least from the final score.

    Nice combination of matches (with enough time) and promos made a successful show.

    Hope you saw the Rumble prediction challenge post. I haven’t been so excited about a PPV in a long time. So much that could happen to benefit us all, but sadly they can also screw it big time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I did!

      I wish they’d just drop Titus and Stardust. This may easily be the most unpredictable Rumble in quite some time. I also can’t remember the last time I was this excited.


      1. Agreed. Sounds like a follow up after the Rumble. Or maybe Miz could be involved in the match decision. It’s about time Miz has something meaningful to do. It’s so good to see creative reaching to this untapped pool of talent. Sadly it’s kind of forced due to the circumstances.

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