Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Pros and Cons of Brock vs Bray (Jan.20)


On the last edition of Monday Night Raw we saw the eater of worlds ambush the beast incarnate, and it was quite the scene. I purposely left that out of my Raw review, simply because there was a lot to say about it. It may sound exciting, but based on Wyatt’s track record, I’d like to believe there’s a few pros and cons involved with this feud.


Wyatt Rub:

Bray has feuded with a ton of main eveners in the WWE, but he has yet to receive the proper rub he deserves. Anybody can feud with Roman Reigns, John Cena, and the Undertaker, but unless they pick up an important victory, those feuds are meaningless. If the WWE is smart, they can give Bray the big win over Lesnar, which nobody has done since Taker’s streak has been broken. We all know the WWE has been saving the Lesnar defeat for Roman Reigns, but Roman is already over with the fans, so why not give it to someone else? Along with that it would give Bray the push he needs to be the top heel in the company.

Change of scene for Brock:

We’ve been watching Brock feud with John Cena, Seth Rollins, and the Undertaker for the past year. Apart from Rollins, none of the other ones are fresh, although they were exciting. Along with this, CM Punk was the only person that was new to original feud for Brock since his return. I’m sure most fans would love to see Lesnar involved in more feuds involving new superstars. He has yet to be in a program with a stable full of heels, so ultimately, it would be a great change of scenery for him.


Bray Loses, Again

Bray Wyatt has picked singles wins against John Cena and Roman Reigns, but he never won those feuds. Based on his booking, the WWE can easily have him lose to Lesnar at Wrestlemania, and  a month after, Wyatt MIGHT pick up a cheap win. I understand the WWE needs to keep Brock strong, but eventually they need to have him lose to someone, and it would be a shame if he couldn’t lose to one of the company’s newest stars. I can name a ton of cons, but this would easily be the most detrimental to Wyatt, and it would hardly benefit Lesnar. If Bray loses this feud, he could easily be stuck in limbo for the months after Wrestlemania.

Feud May Not Click

Believe it or not, this feud may not click. When Lesnar feuded with Taker, the only person that controlled the mic work was Heyman, but there’s a chance it may not work with Bray. The eater of worlds is a master on the mic, yet his style may not mesh with Paul’s. For some reason, Heyman’s promo’s have become so real, that a promo against Wyatt would sound strange .If these two parties were two feud, it would solely rely on physical interaction, and based on Lesnar’s contract, that would be impossible to showcase every single week.


The WWE is venturing into an unfamiliar territory, as they must do their best do get creative with different stars. In prior Mania build ups, they’ve had the luxury of having all stars on board, but this year they need to mix things up with what they’ve got. As of now, this feud is complete speculation, but it would be interesting to see nonetheless.

Feel free to leave your comments on the idea of this potential program.




5 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Pros and Cons of Brock vs Bray (Jan.20)

  1. Bray Wyatt doesnt deserve what your saying iis your Speculation the Wyatts are 4 wwe superstars with Bray the eater of wordsThere all individiuals were New is Braun Strowman were He is better off on his own .Brock Lesnar needs to compete alot more than jist take money for Appearences at 38 the hired gun should be fighting on Smackdown and Raw or end his contract as he isnt the Man, Maybe Feud him with Braun Strowman? Even Roman Reigns which the wwe creative team seem to be bias agaisnt him he is the current wwe world Heavyweight Champion after being set tasks hes handled and dominated very well.And the one versus All scenario is 29-1 on a Champion at Sundays Royal Rumble and first in the ring, WWE Creative Team why be so Nasty on Roman Reigns.


    1. Dude, they are trying to make Reigns a believable top guy. This isn’t something nasty for Reigns, this is creative saying let’s give Roman the push he deserves. I’m against him winning by the way. They are making the Royal Rumble predictable again. Roman will be in the final 2, no doubt about it. Win and make him the true top guy, lose and push a heel like Triple H and make him a focal point for Wrestlemania. A Reigns win should come with a heel turn the likes of siding with Vince McMahon.


  2. That’s the issue with WWE creative. Relies way too much on the same guys. The stay too much on their comfort zone.

    Bray is overdue a championship belt and it would be way better to do it now. His team is strong, Sister Abigail can be a presence on the Diva’s side and his character is full of secrets and is a good source of creative material. He’s been the only one after Taker/Kane to successfully use the supernatural aspect on his character.

    I would say a microphone showdown between Bray and Paul would be really interesting. Brock doesn’t need to be in daily to make it work, they had done it before, although I prefer the weekly interaction.

    If they are going to sacrifice Bray once more at the end of this, they better not even think about it.


    1. 100% agree! Bray is long overdue for a run with the championship. He’s been stronger as a individual character than both Ambrose and Reigns, who tend to receive the best of tv time.

      I’m just trying to figure out what Heyman would to Bray Wyatt. Bray’s words usually turn into action, so does that mean we’ll see Heyman eat a few Sister Abigails?

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