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Raw Rollup – “In Bulgaria, every day is a Rumble!” Edition (Jan.19)




One thing is certain, this show was a step up from last week’s show. The Royal Rumble was given top priority, and the WWE made sure to keep fans informed of who the top players are.

Opening Segment

For the past few weeks Raw has opened with some type of Reigns-McMahon promo, but they were smart to shake things up for last night. Apart from a six man tag match back in September, Reigns and Jericho haven’t had any kind of interactions. This promo should have ended after Roman accepted Jericho invitation to the Highlight Reel, because it was the perfect way to leave fans excited for the rest of the show. The League of Nations wasn’t necessary, and their presence didn’t add anything. However, I do think it’s worth noting that Del Rio delivered the strongest promo from the heel stable.

Rusev vs Roman Reigns

I highly believe they could have booked this match without having the League of Nations interrupt a promo. We already know this group has it out for Roman, so we don’t need to hear them explain why the two need to wrestle. The match itself was decent, but Jericho’s presence as guest referee made it more fun to watch. All men involved did an awesome job at keeping this crowd pumped, and I feel like it translated well for the viewer at home. The spot of the match was definitely Jericho tossing out all members of the League of Nations, mainly because of how well it was received by the crowd.

Natalya vs Brie

Initially I was shocked to see that this was a match, because we haven’t seen Natty in a while and Brie has done nothing but job. Brie’s role didn’t change in this match, but it was great to see Natty pick up the win. The match didn’t last long, although I didn’t mind.

The Dudley Boyz & Ryback vs The Wyatt Family

Up until this point, I was really enjoying this show. Why did they have to book this match again? Obviously the Wyatts were going to win, because Bray was involved .I took this time to just goof around on my phone.

Big Show vs Heath Slater

Honestly, based on the push the Social Outcasts have been getting, I thought Slater would pull out a lucky win. I was legitimately shocked that he took out the entire group.

Vince McMahon Promo

Did they advertise this promo? If they didn’t, they should have, because it’s such an easy way to snag viewers. Just yesterday I was telling my sister how they should bring back the lottery segments, as they are quite entertaining. I got a good laugh knowing that Vince and Steph purposely rigged the lottery.

Becky Lynch vs Tamina

Was the new theme music for Tamina or Naomi? Could it have been theme music for both of them? It’s not a big deal, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was refreshing to see a member of Team Bad in action; ever since Sasha’s injury they have ceased to appear on television. This was a good win for Becky, but she proved herself when she cut a promo. The feud between the two has progressively become better, and I think it’s fair to say it might be the best one we’ve seen in years (from the divas).

Dean Ambrose & Kalisto vs The League of Nations

I actually enjoyed most of this match, and I found that odd, because there was nothing original about it. However, most matches with Kalisto are a treat, I just never get tired of his high flying move set. While the match was highly entertaining KO was brilliant with his few one liners against Cole and Saxton. The spot of the match was Del Rio’s enzigiri to Ambrose from the announce table, because it was great visual. I’m glad they didn’t decide to have Owens and Ambrose engage in another brawl, as that would have been overkill.

Trombone Funeral

I thought it was smart for them to follow up on this angle from last week. Some fans may feel the New Day is becoming stale, and I think dropping the trombone is a great way to give them some tweaking.

Jey Uso vs Big E

I’m happy that these two repeated the dab spot from last week, it was hilarious then and last night. That was probably the only memorable spot, as this program is starting to lose its appeal. I truly hope they bring up a team from NXT after the rumble, because the tag division needs it.

Neville, Titus O’Neil, Mark Henry & R-Truth vs The Ascension, Tyler Breeze, & Stardust

What was the point of this match? I saw it as a way for the WWE to remind the fans of other competitors that will be in the rumble. I had no interest in this match.

The Highlight Reel

The way they built this segment up was genius, and they need to generate that type of excitement for every Raw. The only thing I could think after the opening segment was how this one would play out. Heyman and Jericho did a superb job at carrying the entire segment, as they were the right ones that needed to do all the mic work. I legitimately popped when Roman drilled Brock with a spear, and I’m glad those two got physical right away. However, the League of Nations and the Wyatt Family completely ruined everything. This segment should have only been about those two men, and nobody else. We haven’t seen Roman and Brock square off since last year, and I can’t be the only fan that wanted to see them brawl.


This show was decent up until the last segment, which was the deciding factor on whether it would be good or average. I can at least say they did a good job at keeping me hooked for the last segment. Along with this, they made a point to remind fans why it would be important. The low point of the show was the eight man tag match, while the high point was the opening match. Overall, this was a mediocre show that deserves a 6/10.


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      1. My worry is more on him winning it. I don’t think he should. People are already rolling their eyes at that.


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