Wednesday Wrap Around

Wednesday Wrap Around – Potential Wrestlemania Opponents for the Undertaker


It’s safe to Undertaker’s match at Wrestlemania is always regarded as one of the main events, and now with a thin roster it’s tough to figure out who may join him this year. There were rumors swirling around the internet that his Mania opponent for this year was supposed to be John Cena. With the leader of the Cenation potentially missing Mania due to injury, the WWE must now scramble to find a worthy foe for the deadman. This is where the company has booked themselves into a corner with most of their superstars. A vast majority of them haven’t gone past the upper midcard, which only tells fans that they aren’t capable of holding a spot in the main event. Stale feuds, and 50/50 booking has harmed them in this case. Even if a superstar such as Sheamus was handled right after his return, his name could have been in the mix, but not with the year he’s had. In this week’s edition of the Wednesday Wrap Around, I’d like to discuss some realistic options for the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania opponent.

Kevin Owens
Apart from Roman Reigns and John Cena, Owens has had the most consistent push since his debut. He’s pinned Cena clean, and has won the IC title. Compared to all other heels on the active roster, KO has been the most protected .To me, that summarizes a great year for someone so fresh to the main roster. Kevin is a natural heel, and can gain instant heat if he were to engage in a feud with the Undertaker. Along with this, he’s one of the company’s top workers in terms of in ring ability, meaning he can easily carry a potential Mania match. Owens has made his request to wrestle Taker public, so as it stands, this is currently the most realistic option.
Dean Ambrose
As of now, Dean is involved with the IC title, and if that doesn’t change I can’t picture him feuding with the Undertaker. However, if he does drop it to KO or someone else within the next month or so, this match up is possible. With the roster as thin as it is, the WWE would highly benefit by adding Ambrose into the main event picture. He doesn’t necessarily have to turn heel, because a babyface vs babyface match can definitely work. Also, each of the other former Shield members have accomplished something grand, and it would be nice to see Dean receive something of importance which he put on his resume.
Not the most fresh choice, but an easy one in terms of creativity. The brother vs brother story line is there for the WWE to use, and it may be symbolic to use one last time. Nobody is sure if this will be the deadman’s last match, but if it is, why not have it against one of his most formidable opponents? Back in 2010 this was undoubtedly a stale feud, but the fans may respect it for the Taker’s last.
Finn Balor
Balor has yet to make any kind of impact on the main roster, as he’s still the front man of NXT. However, wouldn’t this be a great way to get the casual audience acquainted with the NXT Champion? Assuming they have big plans for Balor in the future, a match with the Undertaker may be an amazing way to give him a rub. Along with this, the WWE doesn’t have to bring Balor up permanently after the feud is over. He can make his way up simply as a challenger, and someone that views NXT as the true place for competition. This would help put over the developmental brand by a lot. With Mania set to take place in the largest venue since the Silver Dome, it would be a shame if they couldn’t utilize Finn’s demon themed entrance. Both characters fit the “spooky” role, so a feud would be quite easy to book.
Out of the top four realistic choices, I can also see Finn partnering with Taker to wrestle another group. This could anybody between the Wyatt Family, League of Nations, or Bullet Club. It would be extremely unfortunate to see Bray drop a third consecutive Mania, but it would be an interesting way of giving Balor that main event rub without having him wrestle Taker.
Dark Horses
The Rock
Frankly, this would be a terrible choice, although it would garner a lot of attention. The two wrestled quite a bit during the Attitude Era, and somewhat in the early 2000s, so this feud isn’t exactly fresh. Along with this, both men are limited in terms of in ring ability, so the match itself would suffer. Either way, I wouldn’t put it past the WWE to over look these factors.
Brock Lesnar
Their “last” encounter was supposed to be at HIAC, but with the roster being thin, round 4 for these two may be an option. My only concern is how they’d book it, because they’ve done everything imaginable. Both have been heel and babyface, while exhausting a devices needed to make a feud important.
While Cena’s injury will most likely keep him out of the Wrestlemania 32 picture, it’s not 100% certain yet. Cena isn’t a stranger to making early come backs, and he has a little over two months to heal up. With that being said, the WWE should be careful with how they book the Undertaker’s match. I personally believe it’s the biggest match heading in to Mania, and it may be his last.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wrap Around – Potential Wrestlemania Opponents for the Undertaker

  1. Not that i think they will do it, But how about entering him into the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. but i don’t think that help the picture of this being the retirement match.


    I know it would be a slow pace match but what about The Big Show; Retirement match, given the heat Show is already getting to retire this might be a good option and they can both retire together. Show being Forced and Taker on Top

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