On to the NXT One – Call Ups for 2016 (Dec.31)

Credit : WWE.com
Credit : WWE.com

In 2015, we witnessed at least eight NXT call ups, and for the most part they made an impact. NXT is undoubtedly the future of the WWE, so I decided to use this article as a prediction thread for future call ups.

January – Samoa Joe

He’s not getting any younger, and he’ll want to take a chance on the main roster. Expect him to show up at the Royal Rumble, and continue his feud with Kevin Owens. This way Joe get’s his Wrestlemania moment, while he puts over younger talent. Before he gets ready to put over young talent, I predict him to run through quite a few wrestlers to build credibility.

April – Sami Zayn, Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Sami Zayn

Chances are that Zayn show’s up the night after Mania and starts a feud with either Owens or Cena. Either way, expect him to be involved in a big story upon his arrival. It would be wise to book him similar to Daniel Bryan, as he carries the same appeal.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass

The tag division is starting to look thin, and it will need more than the New Day to keep it afloat. Enzo & Cass may not be the best in ring competitors, but they’re good enough to keep all fans entertained. Assuming the New Day reigns until March, fans would be in for a treat to see the two teams compete.

July- Bayley

By this time it would have been a year since the “divas revolution” has started, and there would be no better way to get Bayley involved. She’s not the traditional female wrestler, and building her character as soon as possible is crucial. Not only do I predict for her o make her debut in July, I predict her to win the Divas title by Wrestlemania 33.

November – Finn Balor

Balor has already made it public knowledge that he has no desire to make the switch to the main roster. This isn’t because he doesn’t want to move on, but he wants to make sure he’s perfect for the main roster. Honestly, I believe he only needs a small amount of promo practice, and then he’ll be ready. He’s 34 right now, and they’ll need to take full advantage of his popularity and charm. By debuting him in November, the WWE would have the chance to use his demon entrance for Wrestlemania 33.


None of these predictions are set in stone, but I believe it’s the best way to go for the WWE. All of the featured competitors have what it takes for the main roster, and if they’re handled right, they can become legitimate stars.

One thought on “On to the NXT One – Call Ups for 2016 (Dec.31)

  1. As people comw back from injuries this scenaris are even less likely. Divas night be the only exception. Unless WWE Creative change their ways in 2016, and there are signs of that already, any call up would be a ticket of doom to limbo. A waste of talent. Otherwise I would agree with your list.

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